View Full Version : Waterproofing blankets/Camp Dry question

Jun. 14, 2010, 11:43 AM
Ok, for 20 yrs now I've used Camp Dry to waterproof my turnouts once I know or even think that the original waterproofing might not be effective anymore. I do it in the spring/summer after the turnouts have been washed and any repairs completed.

I know I've Camp Dry'ed a couple of turnouts and haven't used them for a few yrs and might want to use them this coming fall/winter. I'm guessing the Camp Dry is still effective as it's not been challenged by the weather, but I don't know for sure.

Has anyone used Camp Dry and then not used a turnout for a few yrs and found the Camp Dry to still be effective? Or not effective?

What I'm concerned about is that if it isn't effective, I probably won't be able to redo it in the winter as there is no place to apply the Camp Dry and allow it to dry properly.

Please do not tell me to try one of the wash-in waterproofings like Nikwash or whatever. I did try that one year and was not pleased. I'm glad if you like the product but I don't.