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Jun. 11, 2010, 12:46 PM
It's not my way to brag, but I'm just growing fascinated by Kevlar's two sons these days. One, Beanie (Mom, deceased, was one of those old-style, heavy-boned Welsh ponies) is working o/f now, although he's only three. Here's his video (and, no, I'm not fond of the way the running is so short, but it's a hunter barn and he was only there for a month): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2al1p8FFRZw

After being sat on maybe six times total, he spent 5 weeks being just hacked out by someone who wanted something to ride for a bit, then he spent a month at a hunter trainer's barn and got some ribbons (o/f) at his first show. He's just hanging out now, longed once or twice a week and shipped off for a jump school once or twice a week. He's got an attitude, but one that I'm sure he'll outgrow, but what I want to brag about is his balance. I have my fingers crossed that exceptional balance (and a fun-loving approach to life) may be what Kevvie's genes can pass along. Too early to tell (Beanie hasn't jumped anything outside of a ring yet, either, and I'm still looking for the perfect broodmare to breed Kevvie to again--I'm not standing him publicly yet).

But anyway, I just feel like expressing! Beanie's little yearling 3/4-brother Keiko (pic: http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2190576690066718914IjnMsX)) has their Dad's huge, huge stride and, unilke Beanie (pic: http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2515745650066718914JDbSXH) who will probably end up eventing after he gets some miles in hunters, will just have to stay a hunter pony because he's cute as the dickens as well as being a 10 mover (plus, he'll be too small, 13-hands tops; Bean is 14+ hands at age 3).

M. Owen
Jun. 11, 2010, 01:27 PM
Just out of curiosity, what qualities are you looking for in the next mare and what are your goals? I enjoyed watching Theodore O'Connor (who didn't) and am interested in where you are hoping your program with Kevlar will go. Thanks!

Jun. 11, 2010, 04:33 PM
Well, Kevvie isn't perfect--his canter/gallop is fabulous, but his trot, especially when he's tense, is short and quick. When he's relaxed, it's no embarassment by any means as it is fluid and can be elegant, BUT it could still be a lot better, so I'm looking for a mare with a very good trot. And I don't want to subtract anything from what I think is Kev's strongest point, his canter, so she also has to have a very good stride, although it doesn't have to be toe pointy, nor does her trot--I actually prefer more articulation in the canter than Kevvie has (his canter is more huntery--covers as much ground as a more open, galloping type, I think, but as I pour over videos of top eventers, I see far, far more of that big, open action than the pretty, flat-kneed action).

Well-fronted, for sure. There are short necks on the pony side of the family and so I don't want to go back there, especially since that can impact stride and balance. I'd love a TB-pony cross. And I also fault Kev for not having a really deep heart girth. No way to know if that'd impact his staying power--he is generally an annoying energizer bunny, but not in the galloping way I want to produce, if you know what I mean. So I'd love to add more TB to the mix in an attempt to increase the lung capacity, in case he doesn't have it. Good feet (big, hard, capable of going shoeless), again so as not to detract from what he (and his family) has/has produced. Absolutely no long pasterns as he has a 3/4 sister and a neice who has thrown them and I fear they may crop up out of his Arabian blood.

Really, the TB conformation in general is what I'd like, but in a small package, under 14 hands, ideally--and I need to be able to research the blood: nothing that doesn't have registered or at least traceable blood (if I had known about the heavy Arabian linebreeding in my foundation mare, I might have made different decisions about who I bred her daughters to and perhaps might have produced fewer culls in the early years of my program).

However, when it comes to size, I've responded to folks with 15-hand-range mares, too, as I'm more interested in producing an athlete than a pony--I think very highly of Kev, but he's not perfect, of course, so I would like to equal or improve upon him. I didn't choose Beanie or Keiko's dams (I was partners on them with other folks) and while Keiko has the athleticism, he literally "falls short," (and his conformation is downright dorky), although I'm lucky enough that at least I got in the two boys what appears to be useful and/or marketable enough. But they're both pony market types. I really want to produce what most of Teddy's siblings are: pony-sized horses (i.e. ponies who can compete against horses) or close to it. That's why I'd love a really typey (but not fine-boned), small TBx mare (any age, as long as she's breeding sound and can reasonably be expected to stay productive for three or so years).

And, when I'm dreaming, something proven into higher levels (to increase the likelihood of trainability in the offspring) and with marketable, if not downright "fashionable" blood! But that's the dream, of course. I don't expect to actually find that (couldn't afford it if I did anyway).

Thanks for asking!

Jun. 11, 2010, 04:34 PM
I love Beanie! Fingers crossed he stays a top-of-the-line large. :)

Jun. 11, 2010, 04:42 PM
Thank you! And me, too, although I really disliked him for a long while. He can be pushy and arrogant and I saw him as "coarse" for the longest while. His topline still is unappealing, in my eyes, but his front end and that occasional look of eagles has grown on me over time.

Jun. 11, 2010, 05:22 PM
Yay Beanie! Pwynnnorman, I am a huge fan of your breeding program.

What are your plans for the handsome boy now?

Jun. 12, 2010, 12:47 PM
How fun to see these boys! They are both lovely.

Jun. 12, 2010, 06:54 PM
Kevvie is being ridden by a very experienced professional, once or twice a week. I am about to get on him right after I type this, even though I'm worried about my back still. (It's really depressing when your back hurts when you ride.) He's been loping around with the reins flopping for the pro and I accompanied them on a hack with Clee yesterday and he was very good (he'd been dreadful the first time the pro tried it!). Next step for Kev will be to hang out at a show, maybe Canterbury next week (I'm trying to have a little Kevvacation...we have a little love affair going, I have to admit. Anyway, ponies permitting, I'm going to stay in a motel for the weekend and just indulge in being a one-horse enthusiast for a little while).

Beanie is going to stay on a three-times-a-week or so schedule of longing, one jump school, and maybe being ponied or handwalked through the country (good for me, too!). I fear greatly that I'll be too tempted to rush things with Bean. I would love to see if I can improve his trot, but there's no way he can handle my heft yet! :no:

Jun. 13, 2010, 02:52 PM
love beanie.
has that fabulous familiar feel like your other ponies....yummy :)