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Jun. 10, 2010, 12:46 PM
I hope it was okay to pass this along to fellow COTHer's. This was in my inbox, my heart just breaks for this woman. I wish I could help her out, but I already have 4 dogs, 4 horses & 13 cats, 4 goats, 2 peacocks & 13 guineas so our farm is already bursting at it's seams. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it on here, it may help, thank you for your time, sincerely, Lisa

You can find more at www.region15.com
Longtime Region 15 supporter, barn manager and Arabian advocate, Cathie McDonald, suffered a stroke last week and is currently in a rehabilitation facility. Each day she shows improvement, but the road ahead will be very long, with lots of physical therapy.

One of the immediate concerns is finding a home for her animals. She has 4 horses at her farm. Each of the horses is currently on a low maintenance diet of grass only. Following is a quick rundown of the horses:

Shahk-Wave - 16 year old chestnut gelding, with multiple halter championships. He is broke to ride but very green.

Ddynnasty Deja-Vu - 17 year old bay gelding, broke to ride.

Shahlaine - 8 year old bay mare - Possible broodmare?

Lalique - Unregistered bay mare. She is approximately 17 years old.

Cathie's dogs are also looking for a temporary foster home. We would like for them to stay in Virginia, in the hope that Cathie will once again be able to enjoy their company. Duncan is a 5 year old totally lovable, playful black Lab. He just learned to navigate stairs this week at Kara's house. Eddie is an elderly Jack Russell Terrier who is quiet, and gets along well with others, as most of them just ignore him. Both have healthy appetites, but no special diet needs!

If you are able to help out with any of the animals, please contact their temporary custodian, Linda Mancini, lmjm36@embarqmail.com, or Kara Hite,karahite@aol.com.
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