View Full Version : Pony Half Pads- Roma vs Ovation

May. 31, 2010, 05:03 PM
Hey everyone! im looking to buy a sheepskin half pad for my ponies. my two saddles are size 15 3/4" and the other is 16". the 15 3/4 is a pessoa a/o jr and the 16" is a pessoa a/o. the halfpad is mainly for the 15 3/4 saddle but it would be nice that i could use it for both. i have found two i like, one has gullet straps and the other doesnt. which one do you think is a better buy. i myself am leaning towards the Roma then the ovation. what do you think?



I think the roma would fit better also since it says for 15"-16" saddles.

May. 31, 2010, 09:45 PM
I personally would buy the Ovation. To my mind, it is better looking (and also looks like it's better quality), and also it has some wither relief, because of the "Gullet Vent".

Also, I don't know exactly how the Ovations are, as I've never seen one in person, but the sheepskin on Roma's stuff is, in general, not that great.

Billet straps don't make a difference on pads (half OR full) if you ask me. My pony is very round, I never use the billet straps on any of my pads (Heck, sometimes I don't even use the girth guards), and I've never had an issue with slipping.

Happy shopping!:)

May. 31, 2010, 10:41 PM
I would go with the Roma, only because it doesn't have the keyhole at the withers. After reading the Pain Free Saddle Fitting book, which advises never to use those pads with keyholes, I completely avoid them. You might want to read the book for more specific details, its excellent.