View Full Version : Arc de Triomphe Vivaldi Bridle, Reins & Standing Martingale

May. 27, 2010, 02:13 PM
Vivaldi has a raised & padded 3/4" brow band and a standard nose band at 7/8". Cheeks are 1/2" with stainless steel hook studs. Bridle comes complete with Raised Laced reins.
Arc De Triomphe® bridles and saddles are made from the finest French natural leather, allowed to mature gradually during the vegetable tanning process in pits, which creates a durable product with a smooth soft finish. Each piece of leather is unique and may have slight surface markings which are inherent to a natural "full grain" top quality hide. The never-rust stainless steel buckles (ssb) are made in Germany by Herm. Sprenger.

This was my show bridle and was used for approximately 25-30 competitions. It was always cleaned afterwards and is in excellent shape. No chew marks or damage. The color is a pretty oak brown with darker brown padding. I need to buy my horse a new saddle so I'm selling this set to put towards that.

I would like $250 for the set but I am open to offers. The Bridle retails $328 new and the martingale retails for $135, I believe I paid a slightly higher at the local tack shop. Shipping is $12 in the USA.

Pictures (http://www.pipdigs.com/horsestuff4sale.html)