View Full Version : I made it onto the Radio this AM!!

May. 24, 2010, 04:46 PM
One of our local radio stations was talking about things your SO should never do without consulting you first. I called in to say it worked the other way at our house... my SO would say I shouldn't buy a horse! So they put it on the radio show :D
I currently have my SF mare and am picking up a KWPN gelding this weekend on a free lease. I kinda told the Hubby that I'd be leasing this guy to avoid the itch I've had to go buy an OTTB. Sold it by saying he can ride the mare for some little trail rides around the property and that we wouldn't "own" the gelding, especially since his owner doesn't want to sell, just find him a job. Anyway, the DJs thought that buying horses is definitely something that should be discussed with an SO. But we all know better, right? ;)