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May. 20, 2010, 10:21 AM
Just a reminder for all those who attend NCHJA "C" Shows, the Bennett Bunn Plantation Horse Show is scheduled for this SATURDAY MAY 22ND.

The historic farm is located 20 minutes east of Raleigh, situated at the US 64/ US 264 split. It is an easy drive from anywhere in NC (we have competitors that hail from Wilmington, Southern Pines, Hillsborough, and High Point)

I know of 2 horses coming for the 3'3" Jr/Am's, which is a division that rarely fills at any show. If anyone wants to come to jump over big, pretty jumps, you can help us fill the Jr/Am division and earn NCHJA points!

Also, the pony division has been lacking recently. Bennett Bunn is very friendly for green ponies, you can school on Friday afternoon (for a reduced schooling fee) and Saturday morning for extra practice before showing.

We strive to have all divisions filled so NCHJA points will be earned, but regardless, you can accumulate Bennett Bunn points.

Please reply if you plan on attending! Thanks!

Saturday– 8:30 AM
101 Hunter Warm- Up (ALL DAY– TIME PERMITING)
102 Schooling Hunter (2’3”, 2’6”, 2’9”, 3’, 3’3”)
103 Schooling Hunter
104 Schooling Hunter U/S
105 NCHJA “C” Adult Medal (2’9”)
106 Adult Amateur Hunter (2’9”)
107 Adult Amateur Hunter
108 Adult Amateur Hunter U/S
109 NCHJA “C” Children’s Medal (2’9”)
110 Children’s Hunter (2’9”)
111 Children’s Hunter
112 Children’s Hunter U/S
113 Equitation 12-14 Flat
114 Equitation 15-17 Flat
115 Equitation 12-14 O/F (2’9”-3’)
116 Equitation 15-17 O/F (3’3”-3’6”)
117 Junior/Amateur Hunter (3’3”)
118 Junior/Amateur Hunter
119 Junior/Amateur Hunter U/S
120 NCHJA “C” Pony Medal (2’, 2’3”, 2’9”)
121 Pony Hunter (2’, 2’3”, 2’9”)
122 Pony Hunter
123 Pony Hunter U/S
124 Walk/Trot Equitation
125 Walk/Trot Pleasure
126 Walk/Trot U/S
127 Individual Canter Class
128 Young Entry Hunter U/S
129 Young Entry Equitation Flat
130 Young Entry Warm-up
131 Young Entry Equitation O/F (18”)
132 Young Entry Hunter (18”)
133 Young Entry Hunter
134 Pre-Child/Adult Equitation O/F (2’6”)
135 Pre-Child/Adult Hunter (2’6”)
136 Pre-Child/Adult Hunter
137 Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Flat
138 Pre-Child/Adult Hunter U/S
139 11 & Under Equitation Flat
140 11 & Under Equitation O/F (2'3")
141 Short Stirrup Equitation O/F (2’)
142 Short Stirrup Hunter (2’)
143 Short Stirrup Hunter
144 Short Stirrup Equitation Flat
145 Short Stirrup Hunter U/S
146 Long Stirrup Equitation O/F (2’)
147 Long Stirrup Hunter (2’)
148 Long Stirrup Hunter
149 Long Stirrup Equitation Flat
150 Long Stirrup Hunter U/S

More information is available on the website.

May. 20, 2010, 10:36 PM
So sad I can't make it out to watch and hang out! Have fun and good luck to everyone!

May. 21, 2010, 10:35 AM
Thanks Alli, I saw the results from CHP online. Looks like you were a superstar this week!

May. 21, 2010, 11:59 AM
I wish you were having a 2 day show this week-end. I could make Sunday but, unfortunately am committed elswhere Saturday.

May. 21, 2010, 03:08 PM
We used to have 2 day shows, but usually the Sunday portion was VERY small. So now we just do Saturday shows. I hope you can make it out to another one of our shows soon.