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May. 17, 2010, 04:49 PM
First off yes I am still looking for a new barn to teach out of, haven't found anything quite yet but still looking!

Meanwhile the trainwreck at the barn continues. They've continued to use the old TB schoolhorse in jumping lessons. The other day I hear they were doing a 3'3" course with oxers and all and the BO's daughter was going on about how unstoppable and great he was, except he did struggle over that one big oxer. Umm really? You don't say. He's 20 years old and not in shape, poor old guy is way too stiff and out of shape to be doing that much IMHO.

Also, yesterday while I was riding, M had a lesson. I'd been able to successfully avoid the lessons for a week or so, which was kind of nice but yesterday I was not so lucky. It was cringeworthy. They rode for I don't know how long jumping almost the entire time. When I finished with my lesson and looked outside it looked like things were going pretty decent. Right on I think to myself, maybe M IS making some progress. But then 10 minutes later when i get into the ring with my horse to ride, I see refusal after refusal. I'm not even kidding you, this horse was starting to refuse EVERYTHING, like 20 refusals in a row. Horse was tired and grouchy from being ridden with no leg and getting jammed in the mouth over every fence. It was painful to watch.It's so sad to see because before M had the horse, it would jump 4' without batting an eye, sooo honest! So finally, M gets off and instructor gets on and proceeds to jump the heck out of the horse some more, hauling her to a stop here and there. Again not fun to watch. (If somebody got on my horse and did that, I would blow a gasket). I could see this horse was taking a TON of leg to ride now as it was getting really tired. M gets back on after 20 minutes of that and then proceeds to jump the horse some more, horse is really tired now and is knocking rails down and even hitting the small cavaletti on it's way over, add in a few more refusals etc. Ugh. ugh. UGH! I feel so darned bad for that horse.

Right on Target
May. 18, 2010, 10:44 AM
that's awful. :(