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May. 17, 2010, 11:59 AM
Well, the student's mare, the student and I went to my favorite trainer this weekend. She reconfirmed much of what I thought, gave me things to work on, and nearly killed me in the process! :lol: Since I have a youngster, I haven't REALLY ridden in 6 months or so.

Diagnosis: mare has no clue how to work from back to front - she wants to spill on the forehand and drag herself around that way. She also doesn't like to accept contact with the bit. Basically, she was never really broke, which we knew.

We did tons of work on shoulder fore and haunches in, regulating pace, keeping a feel of her mouth and increasing inside leg when she came above the bit. Her trot work ended up being beautiful, the canter to the left was nice, not so much to the right. We did an exercise with ground poles - tight 4 stride to a REALLY tight 1 stride - trying to teach her to compress and wait. Worked on sitting against her stride, using my core to slow her canter - my abs/rear/thighs are KILLING me!:lol:

Then the student got on and got a lecture about her hands/arms, to which she responded that she heard it before from me, lol. By this time the mare was absolutely exhausted and quite sore in the rear area from actually using it for a change. I am really excited about our lesson and can't wait to go back. A shame that she is an hour away!

I am still questing for the perfect bit for this mare - something that I meant to bring up with trainer but completely blanked on. We need a balance between brakes - she can get STRONG - and inviting, so that she takes the bit. I know that training is the real answer but I need something to help me put the training on her. We rode the lesson in a jointed d-ring segunda. Second best bit we found was a waterford, third was a ported Myler. I might dust off the Myler as we haven't tried that on her for quite some time.