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May. 10, 2010, 10:21 PM
I was reading the thread on the kind of bits people should have in their collection, and I wondered... self, is there a connection between the bit YOU ride with and YOUR personality?:lol:

so, here we go:

I'm a slow twist D - so I 'm a little screwy, but over all harmless. Perhaps more rigid than the average snaffle person riding around out there!

I could go on - but figured I let some COTHERS have a try!

May. 10, 2010, 11:25 PM
I can't live without my fullcheek double broken (french link?) snaffle. Most horses can be persuaded to go well in it.

I also have
A loose ring double broken (french link?)
A loose ring waterford
A fullcheek waterford
A long shank rubbercovered hard pelham
A soft pelham
A broken rubbercovered snaffle gag
A double bridle hackamore/snaffle combination

Between them I feel like I have all my bases covered.

I prefer the doublebroken to a regular snaffle. I think they respond better to it as it tends to lie better in their mouth, not because it is "stronger" in any way.
I show mostly in the jumpers and don't need to be traditional so inorder to travel lighter I've skipped over anything D-ring and went straight for the fullcheek.

I use my rubbercovered hardpelham rather then a straightbar pelham because it works the same but looks like a softpelham. Always use my pelham with two reins so I can f ex ride the bottom rein more in the first round when I might need brakes more and the top rein more in the J/O when being able to turn is more important.

I like the double bridle with a hackamore for really strong horses for the same reason. I can use the hack for brakes but they often don't turn very well on it so i have the snaffle part for that.

Ok just realized this was a for fun thread... So, let me wrap it up in that light.

I'm a big fan of the fullcheek french link.
So maybe I'm an overeater who likes to slip some toungue in here and there?

May. 10, 2010, 11:38 PM
ok - you SOOOOOO recovered! too funny!