View Full Version : My horse is a saint!

May. 6, 2010, 09:43 PM
I had a wonderful jumping lesson last night, and just had to brag.

I have a lot of confidence/fear issus with jumping. There, I said it. I've gotten a lot better (I used to have trouble going over a pile of poles on a schoolmaster even thouh I was jumping 2'-2'6" before the issues popped up), but even on a good day, its still a struggle for me to jump anything higher than 18". Well back in November, I was given co-ownership of a lovely former championship jumper with another lady who has been giving me jumping lessons on him.

This horse loves to jump, and he's been really good over the tiny fences I jump, and so yesterday I finally managed to jump something a little higher. I'm at a primarily reining/rodeo barn, so our jumps get a bit makeshift, but we had one jump set up on folding chairs (one side on the seat, the other on the back) and my standards were set with one side at 21" and the other side at 2' (don't ask me why, it makes the jump seem smaller). Even though I hit a bunch of terrible distances, jumped ahead of him more times than I want to admit, and may have jumped one or two with my eyes closed, my saint of a horse jumped every single one to the best of his ability, and did it happily.

I'm a bit frustrated with myself that my timing and position go flying out the door when the fences go up 3 inches, but I'm still proud of us. We even jumped the high end of the chair jump without me panicking. Saint Pondor got lots of extra treats last night, and there is not enough money in the world to make me get rid of this horse.

Zu Zu
May. 6, 2010, 10:18 PM
Congratulations ~ it's good to brag ~ you should be proud !