View Full Version : AWR/NASPR Inspection July 10 Oxfod, PA

May. 5, 2010, 07:42 AM
Watermark Farm is pleased to be hosting a foal, youngstock, mare and stallion inspection on July 10th. Spectators are welcome and anyone with interest in sporthorse breeding is encouraged to attend.

More information, directions and a detailed schedule will be added to our website (http://www.watermark-farm.net)shortly.

For those interested in bringing a horse or pony to be inspected, please send your payment & registration information to the AWR/NASPR Office ASAP.

Jul. 6, 2010, 06:45 AM
Times are as follows - July 12, 2010 AWR/NASPR Inspection
Order of Go:

8:00 AM Waverleigh WF
8:15 AM Waldina WF
8:30 AM Windrose WF

9:20 AM Leo De La Vinci
9:50 AM Firenze HF
10:05 AM Picasso LG
10:20 AM Claire De Lee & foal
10:40 AM Divine Destiny
10:55 AM Leo's Little WRNB
11:10 AM Little Night Light
11:25 AM Perception
11:45 AM Awards
12:10 Branding

Bold type indicates a Stallion Performance Test. Times may shift slightly due to this. Thank you for your understanding.

If the weather permits, a short riding demonstration will feature Avebury WF, Waldaire and Wizard WF at the conclusion of the day. Spectators and Auditors are welcome.