View Full Version : Barns in the Seattle area?

May. 4, 2010, 06:32 PM

Attending UW for grad school (moving from Southern California) and would love love love to find a barn in the Seattle area!

I showed on the A circuit as a junior and did IHSA in college...I obviously don't have a horse anymore and am doing the whole grad school thing, but it would be great to find a program where I could do more than just take lessons (IE hack, go watch the barn at shows, help out on the weekends).

Any thoughts?

May. 4, 2010, 06:56 PM
Welcome to the PNW! The closest barns are going to be in the Bridle Trails area in Kirkland (20 minutes if the traffic is good or an hour if it isn't), with the Redmond barns next further out (add 10 minutes in good traffic or half an hour if its bad), and the Woodinville and Issaquah barns a bit further out.

Will you have your own transportation? That will be a big factor, as public transportation will be a problem anywhere except Bridle Trails. I ride with Jill Pierce Training at the KGF Equestrian Center (AKA: The Hunt Club) in Bridle Trails http://www.jfpiercetraining.com/. I'm not sure the lesson horses there would be up to what you're used to, but maybe there could be chances to hack. She often has some awesome lease horses, at least during the college school year. PM me if you're interested.