View Full Version : Taken over an existing business?

May. 3, 2010, 02:35 PM
Have you taken over an existing business? How has it gone for you?

Here’s a scenario…maybe it sounds familiar. A friend bought an operating horse farm as the former owner was retiring. So, my friend brought in her clients and mixed them with people who had been used to another regime. There were issues, to say the least. Some left immediately because they weren't comfortable with new owners. (Why is going to a totally new farm any less uncomfortable?) Some stayed but ended up leaving because they just didn't like the new rules, a few ended up staying for the long haul. It was surprising how many didn't make it.

I’m keen to talk to some folks about exactly this scenario--buying a farm that has an existing business and trying to fold it into your own. I know several people who got burned because the owner said they were getting out of the business only to go down the road and have all the clients at the former farm leave to follow that trainer when truth wasn’t told.

Anyone written in a non-compete clause in this situation?

Thanks! Please email me.