View Full Version : any vendors at big northeastern shows?? specifically Garden State

May. 2, 2010, 08:59 PM
i'm asking a question for my mother, whom sells purses. the cost for her to have a spot at vendor row at the garden state horse show (this coming week) is $250.

basically what shes trying to decide is: is it worth her time (and mine, when i'm not riding i'll be helping out there)? the goal is that we could pay off my bill to show up there and have some spare cash. my mom has a small business of selling handbags, jewelry, and accessories online (wallets, shoes, etc)

her prices vary but the majority of her sales are of a brand called Anuschka, which is hand painted leather, they make hand bags and wallets and things like that--horse people love them, whenever we have our bags at horse shows (not selling but just wearing them) at least 20 people ask where we got them. Plus, it's kind of that style i guess--kind of rugged but pretty at the same time. it's pretty stuff.

we're wondering how other vendors who sell things in these price ranges do $15-60 (small accessories), $80-200 (average lower cost hand bags) and $200+ (a handful of more expensive pieces) and if it's really worth their time to be there. what price range of items do you sell the most of?? roughly how many people buy something each day? is it not worth it to be there very early in the week when there's a shortage of bored parents walking around??

mods i hope this is not considered an ad of any kind, i just want to be specific enough that we can get opinions from vendors who sell in the same price ranges, to know their experience. if i need to change anything let me know