View Full Version : Breeding classes for ponies and horses, a good tool to market youngsters ?

Apr. 29, 2010, 06:05 PM
My friend breeds welsh ponies, and we were wondering if taking the yearlings, 2 YO and 3 YO to H/J shows in the breeding/in Hand classes would help to market them and increase their value (if they do well ?).

I was also wondering about some Wbs also ...

Is it something you look at and would influence your decision to buy a pony prospect ?

Does anybody have any pictures of their ponies doing these classes ? Any experience ? Any Input ?

Apr. 29, 2010, 06:54 PM
I don't know if it will increase their value, unless they win at Devon, or Upperville, but I love to buy babies that have shown on the line. Infact, from now on, that's the only ones I'm buying, because they already know how to be clipped, trailer, stand to be braided, wear blankets, live in a stall and go to shows and behave.

Many of the pony breeders that I know, complain that they can't sell their young ponies, but they don't think about the fact that most people don't have the time to teach all this stuff to a 4 year old lightly handled pony. It's a real pain, so buyers go for the ones who've shown in hand before they will take on a project that has to learn how to do it all.

Apr. 29, 2010, 08:32 PM
We show most of ours in-hand in Pony Hunter Breeding as youngsters. Some go out and do the big shows and some just show around here locally. It is a great way for them to be seen and to learn how to deal with the show prep and environment. You can see photos of some of mine showing on my website if you are interested www.quicksilverponies. Best of luck with your ponies!

Apr. 29, 2010, 08:43 PM
llsc has it exactly right! One hopes that the well-constructed, beautiful moving pony/horse will then go on and be a wonderful performance animal. And most do. But the real advantage to showing them on the line is that once they DO start showing in performance, the horse show itself, and all the prep, is a non-issue. They can concentrate completely on their job because all the other hoopla is no big deal.

Personally, if they can do their job AND are beautiful and move like silk, what's not to like? I think in-hand classes add marginal value in and of themselves. But the training/handling that goes with it can certainly make your animal more valuable then one living in the field and seldom handled.

May. 1, 2010, 09:58 PM
Totally agree with what everyone above has said. It is amazing how much ahead of the game the babies are after going threw the show prep and showing experience. Invaluable in my opinion and it certainly can't hurt to have a nice in hand record though it probably won't make a huge difference unless they win at a big show. All of my young ponies show in hand, I wouldn't have it any other way. I think it helps when it comes time to break them and start riding them at shows too, which I do myself so I can really appreciate how much it helps. There are pictures and a short video on my website.

May. 1, 2010, 10:12 PM
I think it can most certainly help increase their value...although that can definitely be dependent on the type of show they attend, how they did and the quality of the pony/horse. In saying that, with the economy being so bad over the last couple of years, it sometimes can be hard to just get a fair market value price, let alone a higher price because something has shown on the line.

We start ours showing as weanlings. Like others have said, by the time they leave the property with a new owner, they know how to bath, clip, trailer, etc. and everything is a non-issue/non-fight.

Below are some of our young ponies showing! We've also shown our warmbloods each year in the local two year old hunter Futurities too.

May. 1, 2010, 10:13 PM
Does it help market them? Hmm. most of the people watching the HB classes are the folks actually with a pony showing. They usually dont need another! (Just an observation) The next step for your pony is someone to break and train and they either go by word of mouth or the pony auction at Kentucky.

Does it raise their value? My three year old filly won her class at Devon ( and had many other wins )and she sold at the auction at a dissapointing price, but it was a bad sale for the sellers last year. Usually, it does raise their price.

Dont spend more showing than you feel you can lose, as you may or not make it back depending on the economy.

From my perspective, the showing on the line gave my pony invaluable experince, and that in turn helped her end up in a super show home and will hopefully give her a long and successful career. To that end, I feel like I did right for the pony by giving her a good start.

The best part about showing on the line is that its fun!! Dont count on anything else!!