View Full Version : "Pressure" Marks and middle-weight contour or half pad

forward ride
Apr. 28, 2010, 05:47 PM
Here's the story:
17 yo high-withered TB. Custom CWD saddle fits perfectly. Seriously, it does. Used for a couple of months with thinline pad and regular square pad. Horse was getting white pressure marks (hair growing in white on dk bay) on either side of withers. Horse has never shown any sign of saddle/back soreness whatsoever. called CWD rep out, she says saddle fits great, I say, please just look again, she says, ok, it looks like the back panels might be a liiiiittle high, thus tilting you forward and putting a little more pressure than usual on his withers. great. so we start using a pommel pad (just fleece oval deal) and regular thinline pad, square pad. Pressure marks go away! Woo hoo! Decide that maybe horse is thin-skinned (he is TB) and, moreso, used to being padded up no matter how saddle fit. [This is a horse of modest origins (as am I) and custom CWD was a nice adult present from me to me with my bonus last year.] So I wonder if horse jsut needs some extra padding that won't affect fit of saddle but will relieve him of pressure. Finally have a break in showing, send saddle off to get new panels put in so I won't be tipped forward at all. Got saddle back. Fits beautifully. I can feel that there is no tipping forward, withers and shoulders are great. Still concerned that there is too much pressure for him. cantle area (but on horse) is a little darker brown than the rest of him, with some white hairs. He's pretty much always had that as long as I've known him.
Long story short, looking for a contour or half pad that provides some support, but won't change saddle fit. Plain thinline is not cutting it. I do have an ultra thinline with sheepskin, but that is a huge pad and I think it affect saddle fit. Thoughts?