View Full Version : Rolex pics!! And some WFP info

Apr. 27, 2010, 08:10 PM
Hi all,
Back from Rolex :sadsmile: and thought everyone would like to see some pics! Not trying to sell anything, just thought y'all would enjoy! If there's anyone you'd like to see that I didn't post, just PM me. But, of course, CoTH fav Sara and Tony are in the album! :)

BTW, I read the thread about the shirtless WFP and no, I didn't get any pics either! Sorry! :( But I can tell you that Cool Mountain's barn name is pronounced "Awl" as in short for Ollie - as he said that they used to call the horse Ollie, but now he has a son named Ollie and then with Ollie Townend, it just got too confusing! WFP did say too that his son thinks it's cool that he's named (he thinks) after the horse, and WFP let's him believe it!! :lol: