View Full Version : Ariat Tall Boots with Busted Zip - Alternative Fix!

Apr. 27, 2010, 04:46 PM
My tall Ariat Crown Pro zips went the way of so many other Ariats :mad:, with the zipper splitting on one/lodging at the top. After a few moments of "omg, I am going to have to be buried in these boots..." I got them off.

Upon closer examination, the zipper teeth were mismatched at the very bottom of the boot. (How this happens?? Anyway...) I called Ariat and got the whole "you can pay us $80 + $7 and we'll get it to you in a few weeks" garbage (not to mention a very RUDE phone rep), I tried local cobblers. The first place offered me a HUGE chrome zipper for $40. :eek: I just grabbed the boots and backed out of the store slowly.

Next place I tried was, believe it or not, a cobbler who works in an "orthopedic shoe" type of place. The employee who handled repairs was out, so she called me the next day... with news that she was able to re-fit the teeth of the zipper (??!), clean the zippers, and they were good to go. For... $5. Heck yeah!

Boots appear to be back in working condition, and I've ridden in them. Of course, knowing Ariats, this will likely happen again... BUT I wanted to mention this alternate strategy should the same thing happen to your boots. I'll take the risk on it happening again, vs. $40 chrome zippers, or $87 Ariat bamboozlement. :D

Apr. 27, 2010, 04:55 PM
Ive had to do that with other zipper items, like purses and coats. As long as nothing is "broken", its an easy fix!

Sounds like you got a bad ariat rep. I called late at night (9pm here in VA), got a friendly rep, got the pre-paid boot bag in a week in the mail, sent my boots in with specific instructions to call me before any repairs that I found have to pay for were done. No phone call and I was starting to get anouyed. Next day they arived, fully reconditioned, brand new zippers (these are 3yo boots), polished, like brand new! And I didnt get charged a thing!

Apr. 27, 2010, 05:53 PM
When my ariats busted all I had to do was call Dover and tell them what happened. I sent them the boots and had a brand new pair a week later. Not sure why you were going to have to pay...Maybe that's a new policy?

Fun Size
Apr. 27, 2010, 07:22 PM
Ariat is generally good with their customer service, but some of their reps/vendors are TERRIBLE. I had some bad leather on my Challenge Zips, and, after inspection, Ariat determined that they were defective. I asked if I could get a different calf size (mine shrunk!), and they said sure, here is a new pair and just go in to where you purchased and trade them out for whatever you want. We'll give them vendor credit.

Cool, right? Well, the retailer would only give me credit for what Ariat gave them...the wholesale amount...which was like less than half of what the boots were worth (brand new in box which ariat had sent me).

The retailer intended to profit twice off of my boots! I took the new (but not fitting) boots back and I am selling them to go towards a new pair that is not through that retailer.

So, because of them moving their production to China, and because the shady retailer practices that I encountered with warranty issues, I'm done with Ariat. I grant that what the retailer does isn't necessarily Ariat's fault, but it was a rather shady practice. If Ariat says they are defective, and will issue credit, why shouldn't the retailer let me switch the boots out (I was paying for all shipping charges incurred).

Sorry to hijack :) That is an AWESOME deal you got, and I have lots of things with zips...like half chaps...that might need this service!

Apr. 27, 2010, 07:43 PM
This same thing happened with my Ariats a few months ago. My dad was able to fix it and clean the zippers...Good as new! BUT, not long after, they split again. No problem, Dad fixed them again. However, we were only able to go on like this for so long before they could no longer be fixed. I think we fixed them about 6 times before they could be fixed no more. :cry: Hope it works better for you!

Apr. 27, 2010, 10:25 PM
Thanks for the replies - to answer your questions, the store I bought them from (winning edge saddlery/123tack.com) said that since I bought them over 2 years ago, there was no warranty. :( They simply gave me Ariat's number, and the rude woman I spoke to there also said that since they were 2 years old, I would have to pay for it myself. ...Nevermind that I didn't abuse them or even wear them much in 2 years, as they were mostly show boots...

In any case, I was just looking to share that type of "fix" as I had searched the boards when it happened... and didn't see that mentioned as a possibility. :D

I've always been a loyal Ariat customer, but this experience has really soured it for me. Newly broken-in, properly fitting $550 boots that bust after a few dozen rides - that's kind of crap! It's one thing if it was a fluke, but I know this happens to so many people... anyhow, keeping fingers crossed that this fix sticks!

Blue Star
Apr. 28, 2010, 01:53 AM
We had to use duct tape and a black marker to get thru medal finals last year when a zipper gave way at the last minute....:lol: then had to cut the boots off afterwards!