View Full Version : Jump saddle/leg question

Apr. 26, 2010, 03:52 PM
So my big Rolex find was a used CWD monoflap saddle. I've been looking for something more forward to accommodate my long leg and shorter stirrup length. So I rode in it today, very comfy, but just not convinced it's forward/long enough, and for the money, it had better be perfect right?

So the question is, when in two point or jumping position, even at my shortest xcountry length, my knee is on the flap and my leg is against the thigh block perfectly. On the other hand, if I'm sitting/posting etc, my knee is right on the edge of the flap and sometimes over depending on stirrup length. SO- the survey is: does it matter where your knee hits when you aren't in jumping position? It was a good deal, but still enough $$ that I'm not willing to get it wrong. I'll see the CWD rep at Poplar this weekend and will ask him or take it back, just curious what your opinions are.

Apr. 30, 2010, 01:00 PM
I too have the same problem and I have been looking at saddles with a very forward flap. At Rolex I sat in pretty much every saddle there to get an idea of the one I might want to buy. I'm only 5'6", but my thighs are REALLY long. The sales people all look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I need a REALLY forward flap for my legs, that is until I sit in a regular flap jump saddle.

I really like the Black Country Tex Eventer monoflap. Though the standard flap is marketed as a "forward flap" jumping saddle, it is not nearly forward enough for me. With the help of the saddle fitter, we decided that I would need to order one with a flap 4" more forward than the standard flap.

When riding in a jump saddle, I want to be able to be under the block and NOT over the flap at ANY point during my ride. It is so uncomfortable and difficult to maintain a balanced position if you don't fit in the saddle right.

In my opinion, since I'm going to have to spend more money to get a saddle that fits me properly, I agree with you, I think it should fit PERFECTLY. Good luck on your search!