View Full Version : Amerigo Vega fit question

Apr. 19, 2010, 09:40 AM
I have an 5 year old wb mare and am trying to get a new jump saddle for her. I have an Amerigo Pinerolo mono-flap for my tb gelding..I was lucky to find it on ebay and it fits me and him perfectly! but alas, She's big enough that I'm not taking a "no return" risk.

Anyway, there is a new vega close by that is a wide tree, which is what my mare would need. my trainer and i looked at it and it fit her 98% perfectly. we wonder about the break in with this saddles. it is slightly , i mean slightly tight in the shoulders for about an inch on each side. the mare is well developed now, but we wonder if she will get bigger in the next year. we worry that maybe the saddle is too tight? but since it's wool flocked, is there a break in that will get it to fit her.

Comments or thoughts?