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Apr. 6, 2010, 11:13 AM
Old Dominion Endurance News

May 8/9 2010
I'm spreading the news! The OD is holding a distance training/conditioning ride from our camp in Orkney Springs, VA on May 8/9. We'll ride from a couple of different locations in groups, long trails, short trails, fast groups, slower groups. We hope to have a loop trail led by Mary Howell that will include some new trails that are being used this year for the June 55 mile ride. These rides are not for really for unfit horses or pleasure riders. But we will accommodate the greener/younger endurance horses that need to practice riding with groups by having a slower, calmer group. Remember we have a 25 mile LD ride in June also!

Go to: http://www.olddominionrides.org/seminars.html for all the info.

June 11/12/13 2010
The Old Dominion needs volunteers for our June ride. I'm the volunteer coordinator and I really need LOTS of volunteers. This ride has many vet checks spread out over 50 miles of mountains. We need people willing to help and pay back or pay forward so this sport will continue. Haven't ever seen an endurance ride? This is the place to learn! Right now I have lot's of types of jobs to fill. No experience necessary! Will train and feed you! Showers are free! Camping allowed. Please send me an email directly if you have questions or are ready to commit to a fun, hard, weekend.

Bonnie Snodgrass
301-246-4934 hm
chicamuxen at netscape dot com