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Mar. 14, 2010, 07:08 PM
First time endurance rider trying to prepare. What type of pants (riding breeches, tights, etc.) does anyone recommend. If you wear tights or breeches are half chaps really necessary? I am looking at the SSG 8600 gloves are they the best for long riding?

Mar. 14, 2010, 07:51 PM
Http://www.saddlebums.com for breeches/tights. Personally, I need half chaps. http://www.prochaps.com are far and away the best I've ever used, although I know some distance folks who don't want to use elastic and opt for cheapie suede half chaps with velcro.

Mar. 14, 2010, 07:58 PM
Tights - EnduraCools by Tropical Rider

Chaps - Ariat Terrian (not everybody NEEDS half chaps)

Gloves - SSG All Weather gloves mine are lime (not everybody needs gloves)

Shoes - running (ooops didn't ask!)

Gloves you want GRIP, and a very cool wearing, thin, and plyable glove.

Tights you want long wearing, PROVEN moisture wicking tights. You do not need full seat, just the deer skin knee patch. I have some that are still going and they are 8 years old.

Was out riding in the RAIN, and wind and cold, yet again today. STOP the 4-letter weather somebody.

Raleigh's Mom
Mar. 14, 2010, 08:01 PM
Love Irideon Essentials tights for trail riding/endurance!!! They have lots of give and are super comfortable. Although I do find them a bit slippery for our "dressage" lessons.


I also must wear half chaps and have a cheapo pair of suede half chaps that I have had for 5+ years that I use for trail riding/endurance. I just throw them in the washing machine with some leather wash every once in a while.

Mar. 14, 2010, 10:32 PM
Orion, are you a first-time rider? Probably not. So what discipline are you crossing over from? You may just want to use what you already got!

The great thing about endurance is that there really is no dresscode, only common sense ;) As in wear wicking fabrics, wear boots you can walk in, don't wear anything that chafes or rubs.

I crossed over from dressage and still use most of the same half chaps, breeches, tights, tops, etc. (mostly Kerrits) and only bought Dublin riding shoes and a different lightweight helmet. I also use a bike riding jacket as a windbreaker (Pearl Izumi), it has the perfect cut for horseback riding.

You probably won't do a lot of miles right away so use your conditioning rides to try out all of your things and see what works for you and what doesn't. Have fun and good luck!

Mar. 15, 2010, 02:14 PM
Tights: I generally ride in Carosel Tights or Kerrits ...the Saddle Bums are nice. I think Carosel went out of business.

Half Chaps: I need em so I ride in em. I have a synthetic pair that velcro in place. No snaps, no zippers. They were $15 and are washable. I love them! Alot of people ride in the Just Chaps brand. They are really nice and you can get them in custom colors. Find half chaps that don't "catch" you behing the knee. They don't need to be high like traditional English tall boots.

Gloves: I have the SSG gloves but I usually pull them off part way through the first loop. Have a pair handy if your horse pulls.....just in case.

Helmet: I just want to add a note about the helmet. When you are riding in the summer find one that is cool. Some ventilate and some do not. I almost passed out at one ride from wearing a helmet that didn't breathe.

Boots: I like hiking boots.

You will see people riding in all kinds of clothing. No worries. Just wear what fits really well.

May I also suggest Gore Tex? LOL

Mar. 15, 2010, 02:29 PM
Saddle Bums tights are fab....very tough and look great wash after wash. Well worth the money.

I love my Ariat Terrain Boots and Dublin suede 1/2 chaps.

tabula rashah
Mar. 15, 2010, 02:32 PM
Another fan of the Irideon tights- most comfortable things ever!! Plus they dry amazingly fast.
Boots- I am Ariat Terrain kinda girl.
I have no idea what brand my half chaps are, I got them on a clearence sale for Horseloverz a few years ago and they have held up wonderfully. They aren't leather- which is really nice and the zipper is a heavy duty plastic instead of metal- so no rusting.
I can't stand riding in gloves unless its cold.

Mar. 15, 2010, 03:41 PM
I'm not a competitive endurance rider, but I live in south Florida and do trail ride, so if you're looking for that which is going to keep you cool, I know! :lol:

I use the Kerrits tights. Cool and affordable. I used half chaps but only the canvus ones (I think mine are Riding Sport brand). I know those mesh looking ones by Ariat sure look nice for long rides though. I'm so lazy that I just use my tall boots now (I've lost the competitive drive to show so I can use my nice ones all the time now!).

I LOVE Rockel gloves. Talk about thin! They are so nice to hold and even nicer to ride in. Mine are the "Chester" I think. I just hate riding in other types of gloves. I need the thinnest, most dextarious gloves available and the rockel's fit the bill!

Most anything you have will work fine though. Just look to stay cool, especially with summer coming up!

Mar. 15, 2010, 06:39 PM
Oooh! Im going to check out alot of these too!

Mar. 17, 2010, 10:57 AM
I have cheap synthetic 1/2 chaps from Horseloverz too! I've had them 5-6 yrs and love them! They are about to die, but I plan on buying the cheap no-names from Horseloverz again. They can't be beat. I think I paid $22 for mine. Best $22 I ever spent.

Mar. 18, 2010, 08:56 PM
Gloves: SSG all weather

Tights - I have a ton of used ones and they all work about the same. Make sure there's no inside seam. I love my "EQ" tights the best. "Just Horsin' around" makes endurance specific tights. I have a pair that I bought used and I'm planning on getting another new pair from her.

Shoes - running shoes.

half chaps - Mostly I wear a canvas lace up pair (span-am repro cavalry pair) but also have a pair of suade velcro ones taht work wonderfully.

Mar. 20, 2010, 01:17 PM
I have only done a few LDs and just wore my regular kneepatch cotton breeches.

However, I am now the proud owner of a pair of FITS full seats and I am in love for both the arena and the trail. Not only do they offer a bit more grippiness along the inner thigh, they allow you to do whatever gymnastics you need out of the saddle - I was able to squat down and snake my halter under the arena fence the other day so I didn't have to walk around - something my dressage full seats would never allow. However the $$$ may make you gag, and the circles on your bum may make others laugh - mine are a discreet dark brown and no-one has dared to comment so far. I am curious about how they will be in heat.

That said, breeches/tights are a very personal thing, and something of an obsession of mine, because when they don't work, they can ruin your ride. As long as what you have already doesn't have seams and fits you well, try them first.

In the arena I wear boots. On the trail, I wear suede half chaps with my trusty Ariat Terrains, but might try going without on a hot day as long as I have sheepskin on the stirrup leathers. I have a distinct recollection of having forgotten boots one day for an arena ride and the leathers dug right through my socks and made sores on my legs. Imagine what they could do on an endurance ride!

I believe my favorite riding jacket is from Costco, and another is a cross-country skiing one from REI. As long as they have zippered pockets for my phone and allow range of movement, I can deal. Nothing that goes over the head, because you can't count on a quiet moment for an awkward removal. Make sure your underwear is tried and true on the trail too - hitching up or pulling down will get old fast.

My trail riding gloves are from Home Depot - the lightweight nylon gloves with reinforced palms for $9.99. They will hold up to everything else you have to do getting ready.

I offer this info knowing that I may get a little more picky if I move up to real distances, but you don't need to go crazy worrying about clothes - now, saddle fit, that's a subject you can obsess about.

I love the fact that when you get to an endurance ride you just wear the same clothes and use the same tack you condition in.