View Full Version : Earth Colony (Seattle Slew-Northern Baby) as an eventer sire?

Mar. 5, 2010, 10:02 AM
If anyone has any opinions on this stallion or his pedigree, I'd appreciate reading them!

His pictures are here: http://midwestbreeders.auctionanything.com/Bidding.taf?_function=detail&Auction_uid1=1725027&_UserReference=D1D0772146B5FADC418EAF475DC64B911AD F

Earth Colony xx
(Pleasant Colony - Northern Baby - Bold Ruler)
17.2H Thoroughbred Stallion

Earth Colony is a graded stakes-placed winner of $127,139. His versatile running style allowed him to win sprinting on dirt and be stakes-placed going two turns on both dirt and grass. A stallion with a fantastic pedigree and with fine athletic ability, Earth Colony is by Pleasant Colony who won two out of three of the triple crown races.

Mar. 5, 2010, 10:45 AM
If you are interested for you, remember that Pleasant Colony lines tend to be very, very tall for TBs--17h and above. I'd rather have Roanoke myself, but for the lines, I've been intrigued by Earth Colony's pedigree for years. As you know, Northern Baby has been the most prolific chaser producer as sire and damsire for the past 20 or so years--but he's being dethroned by Dynaformer as I type.

If I were you and looking for you, I'd look into Northern Spur in New York who has a reputation for throwing smaller and has produced at least one sport horse stalliion in the UK. He's also in a number of the auctions.

Mar. 5, 2010, 11:31 AM
Actually, Viney, after this first foal (by a 13.0h hunter stallion), I wasn't going to even try to produce ponies out of Catahoula (Ted's full sis--the one Karen rode for a short while). Since she is 14.1h, it'd just be too much of a compromise (I thought) to try to match her athleticism with a stallion who could also produce a pony out of her. That's always been the problem I've found: finding athletic small stallions. So with Cat, I'm actually looking to produce a decent-sized 7/8ths bred. Ted's sire had a couple of 17-handers among his get (Ted Sr. was 16.2h), so I'm hoping that height will kick in with Cat. But I really, really want to be sure of retaining the big gallop and the movement (which Cat has more of than Ted did).

Any other suggestions--BIG ones, that is--and full TB? I've been offered a free breeding to a TB for her, but it's a racebred stallion with a questionable temperament and breeding one questionable temperament to another doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did, given my aging, aching body these days!

Mar. 5, 2010, 11:46 AM
Why not look into Salute The Truth who is an advanced level eventer himself and comes from steeplechasing family lines.
He's 17 hands and his babies have great dispositions and are nice movers and athletic. They also have good bone.

Mar. 5, 2010, 11:46 AM
Well, Northern Baby is known for siring steeplechasers so that's a plus.

Brisnet only shows Earth Colony with 4 registered tb foals. Are you able to see or view a photo of any of his get?

Mar. 5, 2010, 01:04 PM
She has only two on the ground--yearlings. It sounds like she hasn't had him that long. However, she's looking into teaching him to be collected (right now, he's only live cover--I hadn't noticed that in his listing).

I didn't want to push things, but I may find a friend in the area to videotape him. I have met some of the most incredible Seattle Slew babies--and I've followed Northern Baby in the stats for years and years.

Salute the Truth is another I've watched for years, but I just don't think he suits my mares, alas.