View Full Version : Earn NCDCTA Volunteer cards at Five County Spring HT!!

Mar. 4, 2010, 10:28 AM
PLEASE volunteer if you can., without volunteers it is impossible to put on this large of an event! Five County will host their spring horse trials on April 25th. We are looking for volunteers, and if you are an NCDCTA Member, this will get you voluteers cards! We need the following:

Jump judges for cross country (15 people)
a competent dressage scribe
two people to do "check-in" for dressage area
one check-in person for cross country
one check-in person for Stadium
a "jump crew" for stadium, 2 people
a person good at math to do scoring
2 "runners" to pick up and transport tests and jump sheets to scorer

Some of these positions can be done by one person, as when we wrap up one phase we can move onto the next, email carrie@shawneeacres.net if you wish to volunteer!