View Full Version : What do YOU bring to lessons? What is your routine?

Mar. 1, 2010, 10:49 PM
I'm considering buying a few more things for the lessons I'm currently taking. So at bare minimum, if you're riding a schooling horse, what should you have of your own?


Should I buy my own crop? Should I contribute by buying a brush or two for my barn owner/lesson teacher?

I usually keep my wellies on in the car since it's been snowy/rainy here ALL THE TIME lately in NC... go grab the horse. Groom/tack then boot and helmet up. I like being able to spend this time "alone" with the horse before the lesson. I think it's really vital to the whole experience

Mar. 2, 2010, 07:56 AM
For lessons at an outside barn, using a school horse, all you really need to provide is the "you" gear: helmet, gloves, boots, chaps, crop. You can, if you like, bring treats for the horse if that's OK with barn policy. (I ask people NOT to give my horse treats when she's at the trainer's because she becomes mouthy after a month or two)

Definitely you should plan on grooming your lesson horse before AND after you ride, and lots of people prefer to use their own grooming tools, that's fine. Being willing to help out a little bit while you're there with little things will soon have you a favorite: pick up after your horse, put stuff away neatly, clean your bit at the VERY least (even the whole bridle) after you ride, see that your horse has a full water bucket, etc.

But most important thing to bring: open ears, open eyes, a smile and your work ethic. :) :)

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Mar. 2, 2010, 03:47 PM
I haul out for lessons and usually carry everything I might need in my horse trailer. However, since you asked, here is my routine:

Hook up trailer
Drag muddy horse out of pasture
Load muddy horse - she self-loads so this isn't an issue
Drive to barn
Unload muddy horse
Groom muddy horse to semi-clean horse
Saddle semi-clean horse and put on boots if jumping
Put on my half-chaps, helmet, get out jumping bat
Bridle semi-clean horse
Have lesson and hopefully learn something to take away with me
Untack sweaty horse
Throw cooler on sweaty horse
Remove half-chaps and helmet and put on cute ballcap to cover helmet head
Load sweaty horse
Drive home
Unload sweaty horse who is now more or less dry horse
Groom more or less dry horse and turn out
Collapse on couch with favorite adult beverage