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Mar. 1, 2010, 07:55 PM
I found this prior post written by Misty Blue regarding self-defense and how to remain safe in all situations. Thought it might be worth posting again.
Be aware of surroundings at all times...including knowing trails and escape routes, where people are, etc.
Make eye contact. Do *not* look away, look down, hunch your shoulders or scurry along. Attackers purposely pick out those who look scared or timid. They also pick out those who haven't looked at them...the majority of attackers do not attack with the intent to kill and do not want to be easily identified later. Look and walk with a purpose...attitude (positive attitude, not rude one) is the #1 way to avoid being a target.
If attacked, get on the ground. Go limp, slither to the ground. Turn onto your side/hip. A woman's legs are on average 3-5x stronger than a man's arms. Keep the attacker separated from you by your own legs. You can pivot best on your hip, you can also deliver stronger kicks.
Shock tactics are invaluable...do something they will not expect and do not know how to deal with. Bark and growl at them...this will give most attackers enough of a pause for yoou to get in a few good hits. Urinate on yourself/them if they have a tight hold of you...few want to rape a woman who's soaked in urine.
If they have you from behind and you can't slide down...stomp down hard on the inside of their feet. An easy target, not hard to actually break their instep. Grab whatever skin you can feel behind you...even through clothes. Grab and squeeze and twist as hard as you can.
If facing or in position to...go for the face. Specifically the ear or the nose...attackers expect eyes and crotches to be targets but not ears and noses. It only takes 5 lbs of force to remove an ear from a human's head...it takes between 7-8 lbs of force to do the same with their nose. It takes 2-3 lbs of force to remove their lower lip. 99% of the time that will stop an attacker dead in their tracks...enough for you to get the hell outta there. To remove the ear, grab the lope in all finger and grip as hard as possible, digging finger nails in. In one fast hard movement, jerk your hand upwards aiming for a spot about 10" above the head. For the nose, hook 2 fingers into the nostrils and jam them up there hard and far and at the same time keep moving that hand upward past the forehead...the septum will tear and the nose goes with your hand. For the lip, grasp bottom lip in same fingers-dug-in hold as the ear lobe and slam your hand down to the ground.
The throat is another good spot, but easily protected if they tuck their chins. If going for the throat...either closed fist or hands shaped like you're making a shadow puppet of a chicken's beak and *always* aim for a spot a few inches behind the neck. The biggest mistake women make hitting anything is to aim for what they're hitting...which means you will naturally stop all forward force as soon as you hit your target. Which lessens impact too much. Always aim for beyond your target...punch "through" your target.
None of these require specific trained skills or excessive strength or years of training.
I did try the ripping off the ear tactic on DH, (with his consent) and it brought him to his knees...:yes:
Very simple, but effective.

Mar. 1, 2010, 08:26 PM
Owwwww! This is painful just to read!!!

Mar. 2, 2010, 12:29 AM
Sliding aside your coat to reveal the lovely rosewood and steel handle of an S&W revolver is usually enough of a deterrent that the above isn't necessary.

Mar. 2, 2010, 01:33 AM
I like your thinking, Gypsymare. I'd rather shoot 'em than pull their noses off!

Mar. 2, 2010, 06:21 AM
I like your thinking, Gypsymare. I'd rather shoot 'em than pull their noses off!

Yeah, but think of the gratification of a slow extremely painful punishment than a quick bullet. :yes:

Mar. 2, 2010, 08:54 AM
And a gun (or any physical weapon) can be wrestled away from you and then turned against you. What is your attacker going to do with his torn off ear or nose? Bleed on you? :-P

Very good tips. Thanks for posting!!!

Mar. 2, 2010, 10:04 AM
Like Misty Blues' advice-would highlight the part about ALWAYS being aware of your surroundings, which is why I never ride with my Ipod......If you are on horseback, they often notice things way before we do-so pay attention to them! More than once my horse has heard sounds, etc before me, and he has yet to sound a false alarm.

I will also say that the self-defense tactics taught to me by a guy with SEAL training will always be invaluable to me, and now that he is gone, I know he is there to guide me, as crazy as it sounds. His tactics will always keep my daughter (his fiance) and I safe. But above all-WATCH YOUR SIX! (back, for those who have never heard that)

RIP, LT Cmdr KRW-gone but certainly NOT forgotten.