View Full Version : Ansur Konklusion, anyone?

Feb. 25, 2010, 03:17 PM
I'm debating trying one of these -- an older model. I event lower-level and won't be going too high. However, I have three horses: two are high-whithered, TBs, one M, one MW, slightly curved backs with slight hollows (typical TBs); the other is a mutton-withered, XW cross with a flat, short back and barrel body.

I have a Black Country that I can use on both TBs, although one needs a riser pad. It will not come close to fitting the XW guy. And I still need to buy XW a dressage saddle. I'm running low on funds.

Does anyone know if the Konklusion will work for these body types without too much padding (i.e., I want to feel the horse under me)?

I'm not worried about the security of the saddle for me; I just want to know if you think it will fit withers, no withers, medium to XW. However, your opinions of riding in it are welcome.