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Feb. 25, 2010, 08:19 AM
Hey gang,

You've all been so incredibly helpful thus far that I hesitate to ask you to share more of your wisdom...hesitated but decided to ask anyway ;)

We're planning the lovely 18h roadtrip with horse, toddler, gear/hay/feed for 3 horses etc. and leave tomorrow! Weather calls for snow and wind (ick!!). So far we are WAY WAY behind in the preparations as the whole family had Norwalk on the weekend (helpful bonus: yours truly lost a whole 5lbs!!!).

Here's my question: I'm shipping one horse myself in my 3h slant trailer. I need to bring as much hay as I can, so I'm trying to decide between giving him the last two stalls and just putting hay in the first one, or filling the first two stalls with hay and sticking him in the last one (width 40")....or should I move him further up, give him the front two stalls, and stack the hay behind him? We're planning to go straight through with several brief stops and perhaps a little nap somewhere on the road, but not going to unload him.

Would it be really dumb to load the hay behind my pony? I do have an escape door in the front stall that would make watering etc. quite easy if he were up front.

Here is the rig in question: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=10043519&l=789bd144de&id=681770272

Thanks for your help!!! GL

EEK! Another quick question? Anyone know someone who repairs field boots in Aiken? Don't even ask!!! (insert combo laughing/crying smiley!)

Feb. 25, 2010, 10:11 AM
Hmm....I would put hay in the first stall and give him the other two. Better weight distribution if you put the hay (dead weight) closer to the truck. If you put him in front of the hay you have to keep in mind shifting during the trip and you don't want bales sliding up under his legs if you should have to brake suddenly...you also want to be able to be sure you can get him out if need be.
Also ask yourself when you get there do you really want him to have to wait while you unload all the hay before he can get out?...or would he just jump out the escape door? Lastly when they pee it tends to run to the back of the trailer so he wouldn't be peeing on his bottom layer of hay if he is behind it. Just my opinion based on past experiences.... good luck and have a great trip
P.S. make sure he has plenty of good ventilation especially as he is traveling with hay which contains tiny dust particals that blow around...

Jazzy Lady
Feb. 25, 2010, 11:13 AM
I agree with the above. Last 2 stalls. Typically the last one is bigger anyway, so if you have to bring 2 stalls worth, bring the front two.

Does it have a stud guard on the first stall? That would make a difference too. I don't mind a single stall for a long trip if they can move their legs around more but a stud guard can sometimes cram them into a slant, but it would be super handy to make sure your hay doesn't slide around.

And god forbid an emergency were to happen, you'd want to be able to get him off without having to unload all your hay.

Feb. 25, 2010, 04:17 PM
Thanks guys!