View Full Version : Adult Camps - GMHA or Tamarack Hill Farm?

Feb. 22, 2010, 06:40 PM
I'd like to do an adult eventing camp this summer and am trying to decide whether to do the USEA one hosted by GMHA in June or to wait and do the one at Tamarack Hill Farm in August. Frankly, I'd love to do both :D but that's probably not in the cards. Doing a camp early in the season would be a plus in that it would theoretically help my performance in HTs during the summer. For that reason I am leaning towards the GMHA one, but I could be convinced otherwise. Does anyone have experiences or recommendations to share? Are either more suited to lower level eventers?

Feb. 22, 2010, 07:03 PM
Loved THF and hoping to go back again this year (have done camp one year and a short course the next year). I have been to GMHA but not for camp. I chose THF over GMHA because I was afraid that I would end up with an instructor that might not work for me. At THF you know you will ride with Denny for almost all of it and that worked for me! Also, the smaller group of campers has it advantages. From listening to GMHA campers (friends of mine that have gone), I was concerned that the it would be almost to social. I would imagine that either camp will be great fun! Enjoy!

Jeannette, formerly ponygyrl
Feb. 22, 2010, 08:01 PM
Both are great!

Along with timing, it might come down to whether you do best with mix n match or with one instructor immersion. Denny (and Sue, who teaches dressage at Tamarack camps) is great, and so is the group of instructors for GMHA. You really can't go wrong, i don't think...

Feb. 22, 2010, 08:38 PM
I've gone to the GMHA camp twice, and gone to 2 of Denny's camps (1 in VT, 1 in NC). Absolutely LOVED both programs. The GMHA camp has gotten alot smaller in recent years - I think cost may have something to do with it. The years I did it, there were @ 65 & then 45 =/- campers. I heard last year was only like 30. But, that also meant that people could tailor their lessons (who with, when) alot more to what worked for them. So they got alot of individual, quality instruction.
Even when the camp was bigger, Barbara the coordinator did a really good job of making sure everyone's instructional needs & preferences were taken care of.
That said, the only drawback I found to the GMHA camp was that, because it was only 4 days long (or maybe it was 5?), I felt compelled to CRAM everything into those 4 days! You have 2 lessons/day - which sometimes means 2 jumping lessons (1 xc, 1 stadium) in a day. Which really kinda takes its toll on the pony - especially since it's relatively early in the season.
The first year I did GMHA, there were mostly BN, & N riders, and then a few T & Prelim riders. The second year, it was Mostly BN & N riders and only a few T level, and no prelim level. I don't know if that's a continuing trend or not. But the level that you ride at might play a role in your decision.

Denny's camps are just...wonderful! The camp I went to in VT (same one as Ss777!) was mostly BN & N riders, with 2 T level
- the one in NC was mostly N, with 1-2 BN, & 2-3 T, 1 P level.
Everyone's grouped by level, but everyone does the same excersizes (only a little bigger for the more advanced folks). Denny likes to keep the jumps small for everyone so that the focus is on the basics - and so that the horses aren't trashed by the end of the week. Nice theory, works well!
Socially, both camps are just plain fun! But Denny's camp is a little more 'intimate' - with a smaller group, so you get to know everyone. And their farm is just magical! Oh, and the FOOD is FABULOUS!!!
Like I said, the level you ride at might influence your decision. Denny is REALLY good at instilling rider confidence. Actually both camps are, but since there's more 1-on-1 with Denny & Sue, it's a little less intimidating.
You really can't go wrong with either camp. Do 1 this year, & 1 the next!