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Feb. 21, 2010, 09:45 PM
I am posting this because I am looking for a hunter prospect. This will hopefully be my "forever" horse. I know that sounds lame but I am an adult amateur who is finally settled enough to keep a horse. I have had to sell the others for various reasons (grew out of, went to college, went to grad school, was poor post school, etc.) I know that sometimes things do happen and circumstances change but keeping this next horse for as long as he will have me is my main goal.

So, I am trying to stay around $15,000 but could probably go up to $20,000. I want to be competitive on the local adult circuit and still be able to go to the occasional rated show and not get laughed out of the ring. Ultimately I will stay at 3'-3'3 but if I could find one scopey enough to move up to 3'6 that would be awesome though probably not going to happen in my price range.

I need a horse that is or will mature 16.2 or more. I would prefer a gelding who isn't gray. My last two were gray and I loved them dearly but boy was it hard keeping them clean and I like the shine you can get from a chestnut or a bay. Of course color isn't a deal breaker but I would LOVE to stay away from gray this time (it would definitely save me some money on green sopt remover. :)).

I have a trainer so I am not doing this on my own but she isn't on the show circuit all year long and doesn't have many connections outside of the area where we live so quality horses for sale are not the easiest to come across. She of course would be helping me to bring to horse along as well.

Thanks in advance if you have anything. :)

Mar. 6, 2010, 03:37 PM
I am no longer looking for a prospect. Thanks everyone!