View Full Version : Anyone know this horse?

Feb. 21, 2010, 07:25 PM
A client of mine bought a 16.3h 2000 bay TB gelding named Thomas, JC registered "The S Factor", in SC. The sellers bought him from the Pax farm (not sure of the spelling) in Tryon, who claimed he came from Phillips Dutton's. The sellers did not know what, if any, name he showed under, so I was skeptical but he was a nice quiet horse suitable for my client so she bought him without any big expectations. We took him to Gibbes Farm today and I am wondering. He jumped everything he was pointed at like a gentleman (quiet but a little heavy in a Happy Mouth d-ring!)--seems like he would have been a great YR horse, very happy to hop over Prelim questions with an experienced rider who has only jumped him once prior. He is bay with a small white star, a rangy looking fellow, slightly ewe-necked perhaps, long back. Tattoo is D02240 or something like that (I have it written down from looking up his registration but don't have it right on me).

Any info would be appreciated! We're really curious about this guy now!