View Full Version : Forward seat vs Balance seat

Feb. 19, 2010, 01:08 PM
I learned to ride in the 50s in what was called the forward seat. When I did Pony Club through the 60s, we learned what was called the balance seat. I was lucky to have some amazing instructors and evented and hunted and rode horse show stuff in college at Skidmore in the early 70s.

fast forward to 2010, I am in my later 50s and have a wonderful 14 year old TB who I took off the track as a 5 year old. I never got around to eventing but I did teach him to jump and did a fair bit of dressage with him as I was able to ride with deKunffy regularly. I had to stop riding with him due to $$$$$$$$.

All I want to do is get in 2 point and trot and canter down the trail. Back in the 50s I learned the standing trot which I haven't heard of in years.

I am wondering if others have had a similar return to their original seat.