View Full Version : I Will Retire 2 Morgan Horses: LuckyStrike Eric (Ricochet?) and Chevy? (DannyBoy)

Feb. 17, 2010, 11:05 AM
I will gladly come pick up and retire, no questions asked, 2 morgans I started many years ago. Both sold on the pony club circuit. Both in or near their 20s at this point! I don't want them to end up in bad circumstances.

Morgan horse name: LuckyStrike Eric (call name Ricky, I showed him under Ricochet)
15-2 hand morgan, chestnut, 2 hind socks

Morgan Horse Name: Chevy or Chevrolet something?
call name: Danny (show name Danny Boy)
15-2 hand chestnut morgan with blaze, 2 hind socks, small ears!

Both were papered, registered Morgans sold to pony clubbers in Virginia/mid-Atlantic area.