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Feb. 15, 2010, 02:43 PM
I have been "google-ing" this horse now for the past 3 years and have cone up with nothing. I figured it was worth a shot to post her information here. ;)

I had this horse at my old barn in Middleburg, VA. She was originally from the Middleburg Training Track with Louise McLean. She wasn't cutting it as a racehorse and the owners decided to sell her as a show horse. She sustained a pretty severe injury while at my barn and after rehabing her, bandaging her injury twice a day (and charging NO extra for it...) I had a deal to buy her for $5000 and this lady picked her up while I was gone one day and stuck me with all her vet bills.....I had bonded with this mare like crazy and it broke my heart to find her gone. I heard through the rumor mill when all this happened she was going to try and talk her owners into donating her to the MARE Center in Middleburg.

I have been desperatly trying to locate this mare since. Here is her information:

Lily (JC LilyPeace) Approx. 16.0-16.1 hands, warmblood build. Liver chestnut with 4 socks and a blaze. She could be a bit mareish with ceratin people :winkgrin:

If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it!!