View Full Version : Times (UK) business section profile of eventing breeder Chris Stone

Feb. 14, 2010, 12:17 AM
The Times 02/13/10: Northgate Information Solutions boss Chris Stone is riding high (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/movers_and_shakers/article7025621.ece)

The Movers & Shakers column in today's Times looks at UK event breeder and high-tech CEO Chris Stone. Mr. Stone is the owner of the CCI*** stallion Chilli Morning (http://www.alcrook.co.uk/photo_3844573.html) (pdf studcard (http://www.gauntlett.me.uk/images/Studcard-Chilli-Morning-2010.pdf)) as well as a developer of the Equine Pathway database.

After meeting Yogi Breisner, head of the British eventing team, he found a way to use his technical expertise to contribute to the sport. Mr Stone led the development of the “Equine Pathway” database to track and monitor the development of horses and spot trends in the talent pool. In turn, Northgate sponsors the national eventing team. “We want to build up a detailed and accurate picture of a horse’s development. How much training, how many times they have competed, feeding regimes, which vets were used.”

Mr Stone argues that the technology is not so different to the data mining software that his company provides to police forces, which uses information to form patterns of behaviour and make connections between criminals.

Nevertheless, the Equine Pathway, which Northgate will look to commercialise after the Olympics, is one of the first technological advancements in the field of eventing, which suffers a lack of investment compared with other equestrian pursuits, such as racing and polo. “The level of sophistication in the management of the horses is not there at the moment. People study breeding, but there has been no investigation into feeding and training regimes. If a horse gets sick, we should be able to ask if others have eaten the same food.”