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Feb. 13, 2010, 09:55 PM
I am going to look at a 17hh 6/7yr old ISH mare next weekend. She has done some dressage, and shown once or twice, but has no jumping experience. She has arthritic hocks that are fusing at the moment. She has never been lame, and if she works out I will take her bn this spring- hopefully at least one novice depending on her hocks and where her training is at. I would also take my C1 on her, and hopefully my C2. The thing is that she is really close to my price range and sounds like a horse I could really click with. So she sounds like that best option for me.
I have also been told about many 12-13yr old geldings that have lots of eventing experience, and one has pc experience also. The pc experience is just a plus.
One is a 13yr old TB aprox. 17hh, and has not been ridden in over a year, and needs to be brought back. From what I understand is that he has gone at least training, and gone through the C3 rating and pretty mellow. I am not sure how much he is at the moment, except that I could free lease him first.
The other is a pretty hot 12yr old TB that has pretty much been there done that, just like the one above. His owner puts is attitude as "bark and no bite", and is essentially a packer that needs a rider with quiet hands and legs and that understands he is "smoke and mirrors". He has successfully gone training, and could easily go prelim- he would definitely be a horse that I would have for years to come. This gelding gets easliy tensed in dressage (wags his tongue), gray (I just had to put my horse down in Nov due to melanomas that spread to her internal organs, that was only 14yrs), and so I am not sure if I want to get another grey. He is a bit more, but his owners may give me a deal on him because he would be going to a good home.
There are quite a few more that fit into either of these categories, I am not sure if older and experienced is the way to go, or to go with the mare.
What would you do?

Feb. 13, 2010, 10:19 PM
The last thing you need is to devote time and money into a horse and have it come up lame.... as a kid I took a mare with hock issues and planed to do the C level stuff with her, she went lame right after the SJ rally and I had to take my pony to the C1 test.... even with injections she was never 100%... Unless you can have a steady stand-by horse I would have to say turn down the mare... she sounds fun but I would not count on her to be there in the the future.

Both geldings sound nice, I would try and ride them both a few times and see which you click with best.

Feb. 14, 2010, 10:52 AM
If you can manage it, experienced is definitely the way to go! You can learn from any horse, of course, but one that's BTDT is a real gift.