View Full Version : WA/OR/BC folks: source for spaghetti hogfuel?

Feb. 11, 2010, 01:34 PM
Was wondering if anyone had supplier names? My BO is looking into installing spaghetti hogfuel down on an exercise track. Not sure if there is any other name for it but it consists of thin, narrow strips of wood that lie down very nicely like a mattress. It seemed very common at most barns in BC, and is not at all like the chunky hogfuel that I have always seen in WA. However, I am wondering if there might be some WA/OR availability that I'm simply not aware of? Or if we will just have to get it from BC?

I found one dealer in Abbotsford that offers several different textures (fine, medium, coarse). If she decided to go with him then I suppose we would correspond and get a better idea of what he offers and whether he would be able to truck it down to Seattle.

Any other leads?