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Feb. 3, 2010, 01:17 PM
Since the topic of sole protection cam up on another thread, I thought I'd start a thread about Hoof-It. I've been using Hoof-It acrylic hoof repair for pour-in pads for several years now. I used to have my farrier apply the Vettec stuff occasionally when I knew I was going to do a really rocky ride. My one horse has rather tender front tootsies and it's easiest to plan ahead and use pour-in pads.

I had Hoof-It suggested to me by another endurance rider as it's lower cost and you can easily DIY. It's based on a type of dental acrylic, mix a powder and a liquid together in a disposable plastic cup, stir it with a tongue depressor. Apply to a clean prepped sole. I always use it on shod feet but I think it may adhere well enough to use as short term sole protection on a bare foot. It is also used to repair hoof walls.

Really this stuff is super easy to use. I just put it into both horses front feet yesterday to use in place of snow pads, and it is working pretty well for that use also.

http://www.hoof-it.info/ You have to hunt around to find the instructions for application.

Bonnie S.