View Full Version : easyboot- trouble- I think I need pads too?

Jan. 29, 2010, 01:24 PM
I need some help!
I got my TB a pair of reg. easyboots. They fit him very well, size 2. He has been barefoot for 1 month, he is great in the ring with nothing and also on grass and smooth pavement.

But I have been dying to go out on the trails again. Yesterday I booted him up (first trial) And I took him up the driveway and he was still moving pretty badly. I took him over to the grass and he was moving out much better. He was basically being a NUT anyway on our ride so 5min in on the trail he has his head up in the air and he was moving like a hackney and short strided.

Because of this I wasn't sure if it was the boots that were making him bad or what. So I stopped, took the boots off, left them on the trail and kept riding. Well he didn't move any better when I took them off, so my conclusion was the boots weren't really helping him guard against the stones. He was still very short strided and choppy. Took bad steps here and there as well.

Now this trail day was a REALLY bad day to test the boots because he was acting like an idiot, but the boots just were not cutting it on stoney trail.

I know easyboot sells different kind of pads, and even 'dome' pads. Which ones should I get? The thinker ones? Then I am worried the boots won't fit- But I do have size #3's as well.
What benefit do the dome pads offer? I heard they are good for the frogs and all that and he does have rather under developed frogs. Thanks a lot everyone. I am going to give easyboot a call today to ask them about it.

Jan. 29, 2010, 02:55 PM
Horses have to get used to wearing hoof protection. DOUBT you need a pad.

The boots need to be fitted. If they are interfering or are loose or too tight anywhere, they will rub the skin off, and then the fun of healing a lower leg begins, also may come off, or twist.

TB's are sensitive. He may get used to them, maybe not. Maybe he could stay in a stall for a short amount of time each day so he can kinda get used to them.

I would hand walk him with them on. On hard ground at first, and then in different places with different terrain. Once he figures them out, he may or may not accept them.

Good luck with your hoof protection. Give your horse some time to get used to the hoof protection.

Me, I am the ultimate shoe gal. I HAVE used easy boots. Didn't like the way several of my horses traveled with them, nor the hassle of the whole thing.


Jan. 30, 2010, 10:11 AM
Thanks rmh!

I called up easyboot and chatted with the lady- she was really helpful! And she thought it was odd that he was still SO uncomfortable on the driveway. She suggested I do a better trial see if I can get him used to them like you said.

Yesterday I went out. Booted him up and spent a long time testing stuff.
-First set him loose in the arena while I set up jumps- he didn't do anything spectacular!
-Rode him in the area- poles, jumps- he was moving normally- like he does without boots(and is very comfortable barefoot in there)
-Then took him out of the ring, he was good on the pea gravel path and on the grass, but once we got up to the main drive he was again very tender. ARG. He kept trying to pull us over to the side on to the grass

Went back down the the barn
-Put my epics on his fronts (they are size 3 and a little big, but I just wanted to test) And I put the regs on his hind feet JUST in case is hinds were sore.
-He may have beena teeensy tiny bit better, but he really objected to jogging on there, so I didnt make him. And once he was on the grass w/ 4 boots he was fine (even with the fronts flopping a little!)

So *sigh* I am very confused. I hope he is OK. I am shocked that the boots don't provide him ANY comfort!?!?! I check for thrush and he may have a little so I treated that (which was a huge soreness prob for my other horse). But he wasn't tender at all when I poked around with the hoof pick, so they probably aren't hurting him that much.

I am going to contact easyboot again. I just want my boy to be pain free!

Oh and one ore question (sorry!) can an easyboot be "too tight" when you snap it down to make the horse uncomfortable? I have having trouble finding a good setting that is snug but not ghastly tight.

Jan. 30, 2010, 10:49 AM
I think that seems a little odd. Of course, walk on that gravel yourself - even you can feel the pointy driveway rocks through your shoes or boots. One month is not long for a horse to get fully used to be barefoot, usually.

When I tried barefoot with my mare for a year, we stayed in the ring or on grass (with boots) for several months before adding in gravel, etc. Even later when she could go all over without any boots, she of course still found driveway gravel uncomfortable. I eventually put her back in shoes because I like doing a lot of road and dirt road riding and it was easier to manage the shoes than the boots. But anyway.

Can you distinguish if he is acting funny because he is heading away from the farm - ie he is getting upset and jigging because he is worried about leaving his friends, etc. - or is it really a reaction to the gravel? Horses can move really funny when they are mentally upset.

Jan. 30, 2010, 11:28 AM
^ He was upset the first day- so yesterday I did a much more controlled evaluation, he was calm and relaxed.

I guess it's just time then, I'm impatient though! I might go out to walmart today and see if I can get a little foam mat and cut out circles to put in the boots to see if that helps any.

Jan. 31, 2010, 01:06 PM
i don't know your horse's history but my thin soled mare was NEVER comfortable with just boots alone. she always needed padding (on trails that is, clearly in an indoor she was fine). in fact, even before easy care came out with the comfort pads i was cutting wool felt and thick foam material to make my own pads.

listen to your horse. give him the protection he needs. comfort pads last a long time and the dome pads (if they still sell them) last even longer. when i found the dome pads i switched to them. my mare really liked them.