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Jan. 25, 2010, 11:14 AM
I'm sure there are many of us here who have more horses than stalls...I have four horses and three stalls in my barn. It normally isn't much of a problem - on the stall side of the barn there is an overhang/run-in. We shut two of the horses in at night (the TB to ensure he gets enough hay, and the Morgan to ensure she doesn't get too much!), leave the third stall open and leave two other horses out. In general, this works well as my Arab mare does NOT like to be stalled and gets along well with the QH gelding.

We are having an issue with flooding right now and the footing in the run-in area is a mess, with lots of standing water. However, the barn is still dry. I have an open area across the aisle that I could potentially convert into a temporary stall. I'm thinking of moving the Morgan over there and leaving her stall and the other stall open so both "unstalled" horses have plenty of dry space at night.

Suggestions for how to temporarily create a stall in my storage area? I have round pen panels but am a bit concerned (safety factor) with using them as stall walls. Note that the Morgan is the most level headed of the herd and would be the least likely to get herself into trouble - but still. Any other suggestions for something quick and dirty? It has to be quick - otherwise it is pointless.

Jan. 25, 2010, 11:23 AM
I've seen roundpen panels used for longer than temporary stalls at a couple of barns around here. The first one that comes to mind has a nice barn for boarders and then their other barn is nothing more than roundpen type panels for stalls with a metal carport type roof over it and wooden privacy fence along the walls to keep the rain out.

We've even considered doing something like that temporarily depending on which property we end up buying to erect a temporary barn while we have a nice one built. But we'd take the temporary one down when the new one is up. In emergency situations, it sounds like what you're proposing certainly shouldn't be an issue.

Jan. 25, 2010, 11:32 AM
My third stall is a "temporary" one, made of corral panels. I was concerned with the openness of them, so I solved it with some plywood and ingenuity.

I have a pole barn, with metal walls. We've used 3/4" plywood attached to the purlins to form the "outside wall". The right side wall is formed by the stall it adjoins (modular, made of steel and 2 x 6s). The front and left side wall are a 10 foot and 12 foot with gate corral panel. I chained them tightly together, then attached the gate panel to the post for the permanent stall with essentially clothes line wire (coated steel cable). Mr. CC used eye screws to chain the left side panel to the 3/4" plywood on the back wall.

Now, to solve the "getting one's legs through the panels" effect, I lined the inside of the panels with more plywood. I drilled holes in it, and used the plastic cable stuff to wire it to the panels. It is only 4 feet tall, so the pony who was in it could see out easily. I've had a pony, and two weanlings to yearling aged TBs in it with no issues.

Oh, I put down mats, of course, double, as this stall is on concrete. It is clean, neat and sort of matches my other two stalls. The only issue is the hay stack is on the left wall, the the sneaky pony burrowed through a small gap to snack during the long nights, confined, with no food. How dare I starve his little black rotundedness!

Jan. 26, 2010, 03:54 PM
Just an update - I used two round pen panels and the Morgan was fine last night (in fact, she seemed quite pleased that she got to use the "special" stall - if anyone else has a Morgan they'll know what I'm talking about!). I'm not thrilled with the arrangement but given the alternative slept better knowing everybody was warm and dry last night.

My plans are hopefully tomorrow to get a decent thickness plywood cut to fit to make a wall and screw into the current posts (the screws vs. nails will allow me to easily remove if I ever get the money to finish out that area of the barn). Will secure with additional 2x4s if necessary. Going to get a heavy duty gate to serve as the front of the stall. I think I can get that done in an afternoon with MrC's help and will feel better about that arrangement more longer term. We are now below freezing so my run-in will likely stay unusable as it is going to run into several inches of ice for footing.

Does anyone want some property in NE Ohio? I'll trade for just about anything south of here...provided it isn't under water/ice...

Jan. 26, 2010, 05:03 PM
My BO's permanent stalls are solid wall of barn in back and solid, traditional wood stall front and just panels inbetween the horses. No plywood, etc. The horses like to be able to see each other and the airflow is good. Yes, it may not be the safest though.

Ironically, my gelding is a stall kicker whenever he is upset (about anything). He kicks the solid wall behind, even when he's kicking "at" his neighbor in anger, etc.

The two temporary stalls are basically roundpen panels.

The horses usually only come inside to eat, but have been in due to bad weather more than normal lately.