View Full Version : i need a new trail wardrobe for my ponies

Jan. 22, 2010, 10:26 PM
and i've got a gift certificate to the tack shop to spend!
i try to keep them all in black tack, and dress up with pads and saddle bags.
i have a deep copper and flaxen/gold maned haffie, she is very flashy and girly.
a silver dapple haffie/qh--she has a chocolate color winter coat--don't know yet how she'll shed out.
a grey arab/draft cross-she has black skin
and a bright red chestnut qh
all are mares, all very feminine except for the silver dapple haffie/qh, who is frankly kind of jug-headed.
i'd like to help her to look more feminine if possible--and i think when her mane and forelock grow out she will--those are a grey/silver/yellowish color.

i'm thinking hot pink, lime green or orange for the grey
lime green for the chestnut--what else looks good on bright redheads?
what colors for the haffies?
thanks, i'd like to make sure they each have saddle bags and pads, no real need for anything else.