View Full Version : great trails/great accomodations & affordable within a day's drive of vermont?

Jan. 20, 2010, 11:44 AM
my friends and i are planning our may riding vacation. we're in vermont, and wish to dirve no more than, say, six/seven hours each way. we have a full week, right before memorial day.
so, we like interesting terrain with good footing--all of our ponies are barefoot. we're thinking that maybe this year we'd try something a little less rustic than camping, if we can afford it.
any ideas for us? ideally, we'd have safe haven for horses, and cozy beds for us. we'd love a hot tub, don't mind bringing and preparing our own food either, but hey, if someone wants to wait on us with wonderful food, we're ok with that.
we enjoy a bottle of wine at night, so wherever must be ok with slightly tipsy and occasionally bawdy middle aged ladies.
our budget is tight, as usual, i think the four of us will each be able to spend a few hundred dollars.

we've been to otter creek, and the trails are fabulous. we liked a lot about mane stay, but are looking for something different this year.
i'm checking into renting an rv and driving it there, and i'm told there is a b&b in the area. a luxury rv sounds fun, if i can find one.

we love beach riding, but it may be too early in the season for the ponies to be fit enough for that.

also, the closer we stay to vermont, the less our fuel costs, in which case we could possibly afford a little nicer accomodations.

anyone here ever been to high pockets? how is that?
where else should we be looking?
thanks in advance, this is our one big riding trip all year, so we want it to be great!

Jan. 20, 2010, 11:50 AM
Give a shout out to Issy at Firefly B & B (http://www.fireflybb.com/pages/BringYourOwnHorse.html)

You can bring your own horses.

The house is small, cozy, has an AMAZING hot tub with a gorgeous view and Issy is an A-#-1 German cook :D

If you call, tell her Hi from Suzie...her old NY friend :) (She's one of only three people permitted to call me Suzie :lol:)

Jan. 20, 2010, 12:15 PM
I went to High Pocket Farm this past July with a friend who had been there at least four other times and highly recommended it. I did enjoy it there and recommend it also. Very reasonable for what you get. We shared a room so it was only $50 dollars a night, and something like $35 dollars a day for my horse (it might have been less.) http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n38/stanza31/July%202009/

The trails tend to be very up and down trails, but we did fine. There is a nice variety and they have a lot of trails to go on. The owners are very sweet and the breakfast is delicious.


Jan. 20, 2010, 12:49 PM
thanks you guys! chocomare, firefly inn is only an hour from here, i think i'll take a drive over and take a look at the trails. riding in lincoln has got to be steepsteepsteep--and we may want something slightly less challenging, but hey, think of the money we'll save on fuel!! diesel is up to 3.15 around here--dammit.
promise issy won't call me susie though--since my parents have passed, only a brother or two gets away with that!

highpockets is definately worth a look too, it has gotten rave reviews from all over the place. i think i remember reading once that there is a place for lunch and drinks to which one can ride and tie horses while inside. that sounds like a lot of fun to me.

either way, i think lack of a hot tub will be a deal breaker for me. i don't mind cooking for ourselves, but really need that hot soak at the end of the day!
any other recomendations? keep'em coming--and thanks!

Jan. 20, 2010, 01:29 PM
Issy has nice trails just a few miles from her barn that are in no way steep. They meander through the woods, around farms, etc. One I believe is the old Post Road.

Not even the Mt. Abraham ride is all that steep, although it does get up there.

Call Issy!!! :yes:

Jan. 20, 2010, 06:44 PM
yes, ma'am, i will!!
and i'll tell her you told me to!!

Jan. 20, 2010, 07:04 PM
what about Otter Creek in NYS, above Syracuse.

Also, there is someone in Cazenovia, outside syracuse who has a wonderful bed and breakfast. The hunt all rides around her property, so the trails would be very casual. Cannot remember the name, but it might come up on a google search for caz or even contacting the hunt club. Limestone Creek.

Plus, you'd have the great sightseeing of Caz. Really super town. I grew up in that neighborhood.

Jan. 21, 2010, 07:11 PM
thanks everyone, looks like we're headed to maine to memory lane in andover for a week in may. hopefully the black flies won't carry us away!! choco, we'll save izzy for a local weekend jaunt.
will post pics and trip details afterward.