View Full Version : back on two feet :)

Cheval Gris
Jan. 18, 2010, 04:35 PM
So its been 7 weeks since my last post when I asked about the OTTB spook..My guy is for sale, I am going back to work tommorow and I have not taken a lortab in 48 hours!! Wooo! I am not riding yet but walking is a great place to be! So I have been doing some online searching, but will not be able to officially become a buyer until I sell my guy. But, what do you think about him? All I know is the info posted on the site, but I think hes cute.


He is an APHA guy, not an OTTB but hes pretty cute. I have also been eyeing some guys at Maple Shade Farm (shes a cother ;) )which are all OTTBs. And of course mistakenly found one that I am in love with (well internet love) but again, waiting for my sale :( . The selling process really sucks but I can't wait to get out there looking for the next one! On two feet :)