View Full Version : New Vega Monoflap jump saddle?

Jan. 15, 2010, 06:59 PM
Hi Kids!
According to VTO's website, the Vega monoflap jump saddle has been redesigned. Does anyone know what the difference is/will be between the old and new versions?

The old ones are going for a reduced price, which is very nice! But if the new one is correcting some flaw in the old one, well, I guess I'd rather pay full price.


Jan. 15, 2010, 07:22 PM
Maybe she'll chime in, but my friend looked at both, sat in both and I think decided that she didn't find a whole lot of difference - they claimed the new one had a more forward flap but it wasn't like they made a radical change.

They are nice saddles - well made, nice leather, very close contact with the monoflap, but I didn't feel it gave me the security I needed XC for my zippy little horse - I thought, Hmmmm, maybe when she's like 20, this would be a nice saddle. (I rode at the walk and trot on my own horse, didn't just sit in the store)

Jan. 15, 2010, 07:39 PM
What did you end up with?

Jan. 15, 2010, 09:38 PM
I just got the new monoflap for Christmas, so I am guessing it is the new model. I got it from World Equestrian Brands directly. I love it! I really have no complaints about it at all. I have yet to do a ton of jumping in it, due to the cold midwest weather, but what I have done (gymnastics) it has been great. I feel very secure in it, love the position it helps put me in, and it is very comfortable!

Jan. 16, 2010, 08:21 AM
Me? I ended up with an Ainsley Chester! I'd been using a Prestige which is great for stadium, hacking and hanging on when the bucking starts, but I need, on this horse, to be baaaaack on XC. In the thread about separate XC saddles I described the different balances. The Vega felt more like a closer contact version of the Prestige - which I think is why my friend bought it - she'd been using my Prestige for half the season because it put her in the right place- we did alot of minuteman tack changes in the warm up ring!

The Vega has a similar balance point. pm me if you want all the boring details - I didn't jump in the Vega b/c I could tell from just walking/trotting in it that it wasn't going to put me where I wanted.

Jan. 16, 2010, 08:36 AM
after starting a zillion threads about saddles and reading the other zillion, its occurred to me that different horses, as well as saddles have different sweet spots...my old guy went so well XC and stadium in the Albion XC lightweight; I really got spoiled with the feel of that saddle. I also used it on an OTTB quite well, but I expect I never had it placed correctly on Maddux's back as he was built totally different from Buddy.

Now, my own very short backed, broad backed, wide shouldered OTTB with high withers only goes happily in a MW Amerigo tree made specifically for horses with rising backs = Vesuvius tree I'm still yearning for the "feel" of the old Albion...but have learned to really appreciate the balance of the Amerigo. Will DEFINITELY be getting one of the event saddle models post halo as very short stirrups on the CC models and excited OTTB (at least for me) are just "not enough" - ha! :cool: