View Full Version : Mare o/o FULL SISTER to Courageous Comet in Keeneland Sale Tmrw

Jan. 14, 2010, 10:03 PM
Not sure if anyone would be interested, but hip # 1545 (seen here: https://secure.keeneland.com/sales/jan10/pdfs/1545.pdf) is o/o a full sister to Courageous Comet. She has a mostly fused LF ankle but it doesn't seem to inhibit her movement or cause her any trouble and she would probably be suitable for light riding. She is very tucked up right now but has a nice shoulder angle, a fairly deep chest, and a decent hip. I am not super fond of her longish pasterns (probably why she has a fused ankle to begin with) but she seems to have decent feet and fairly low set hocks. She is super sweet, quiet, and obedient. I am shopping around and while I cannot take on a horse with limited riding potential, I would be happy to bid for someone else and even keep her at my farm for a little while if necessary. You can reach me @ 615 969 8994 if you are particularly interested. I presume she will go through the ring around 2 tomorrow.

Jan. 16, 2010, 08:00 PM
What happened?

Jan. 16, 2010, 08:12 PM
It looks like the mare's reserve of $5,000 was not met.


Keeneland gives you the option of entering a post-auction bid via the internet - but you have to be a registered buyer.

Jan. 17, 2010, 12:02 AM
We looked at her as well. Found her as soon as the catelogues arrived at the farm! I'd been trying to keep it hush hush.....you know, no competition while bidding and all! lol!!

She had a lovely shoulder, and a good personality. That ankle was UGLY, but she was sound on it. She walked well, despite being a bit wound up. I really liked her, and would have snatched her right up for our breeding program, just not for 5k. She is not worth that as a Race broodmare, especially considering that her dam is no longer producing race horses. She also has that ankle, so is not an event prospect either. She was also quite under conditioned aonsidering she'd been off the track for 6 months and had been in sales prep. Her Dam (Comet Rose) is in foal to Formula One I believe, and had we been able to pick up this mare, he was high on the potential suiter list.

There were so many nice mares with very strong pages going through the ring No Bid, and very low (ie 1k) RNA's. We were offered a lovely mare with tons of blacktype free after she RNA'd on Thursday. Not quite sure why they shipped this mare all the way to Keeneland (from TX) to not sell her.

Unfortunatly, the consignor said that the owners were very firm at 5k after she went through the ring. Oh well! They've got my number....maybe one day they will call!

Here is the photo I got of her on Thursday!