View Full Version : Installing trailer mats yourself?

Jan. 14, 2010, 02:24 PM
A trailer company is charging me $522 for mats and installation for a 14 foot stock trailer. Another company said the mats would be $125.

Has anyone put their own mats in? How hard/easy? Thanks!

Jan. 14, 2010, 02:44 PM
I am presuming these are removable mats in the trailer? Putting them in yourself is going to just entail cutting to fit, if using the common, 3/4 inch thick, solid rubber stall mats.

You don't give width, so guessing 6ft. So you will need 5 mats, 4ft wide x 6ft long. You cut a foot of width off all 4, so they are tight, side by side. making them all the same, means they can be used anyplace in the trailer, not special places for each. They will all weigh the same for handling. No extra heavy ones, when you lift them out to clean the floor. Then you split the last mat in half, 2ft wide, lay sideways across, to fill the left over space. You could use in front or rear of trailer.

Utility knife works, have a SOLID edge to cut along, clamp in place. Piece of metal to keep the knife where you want it running down the mat. Can't remember the suggested electric tool for cutting mats.

C-clamps or visegrips work well to handle mats when moving them. Can be hard on the finger tips without a tool handle to grab on to. They can be heavy. Will be lighter when cut!! We use the cut pieces for many things like under gates, for drips. Under carriage wheels to prevent flat spots in storage. A mat in the Gator, prevents scratching the bed. Make a good floor in the dog house, prevents cold from the ground. Door mats to the barn over wet spots. You would be surprised at what you will think up to use them for.

Something to think on, is a guard on the bottom of trailer back door. A friend went to get new mats for her new stock trailer. Well they tossed in the mats, slammed the triler door and drove home. When they opened the back door, mats were all gone!! Large gap under back door appears to have allowed mats to "wiggle out" underneath, dispersing nice mats down the 40 miles of highway on the way home. Yeah, it was a rough road and a sad lady. So a word of warning for you to check door gap at floor before putting mats in.

Jan. 14, 2010, 05:54 PM
Tractor Supply has very decent mats for about $40 each 4x6 ( sometimes on sale at $37) - if it is a round fronted stock trailer that front mat will be the only real pain, make a template out of card board and mark the mat to cut - we cut mats using 2 saw horses with plywood on top and a skill saw - takes a little practice - a carpet knife works too

Tom King
Jan. 14, 2010, 07:32 PM
It's easy. Measure twice and cut once. Snap a chalk line. Lay a 2x4 underneath your cut line on edge, kneel with one knee on each side of the cut to put opening pressure on the line, and using a new blade in a utility knife, cut the line without putting a lot of pressure down on the blade. If you press down hard it just causes the rubber on each side of the blade to squeeze down on it and make it harder to do. Just the right pressure and it will part as easy as cutting butter. Depending on thickness you may need to make several passes. You will be able to see the kerf opening up as you cut it if you are putting just the right pressure in he right spot with your knees. If you have a lot of cutting to do, you may have to change blades to keep a sharp one.

This is many times easier and less mess than using a circular saw.