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Jan. 14, 2010, 01:04 PM
I'm planning on taking my green 4 yr old mare to Corona's Spring HT at the end of March. We'll be going BN - it is our first event together.

What can you tell me about it? Warm up areas? Stabling? Footing?

How is the cross country?


Jan. 21, 2010, 03:42 PM
Hi Kathryn

I had fun there. It's very "low key" ... the course is twisty. I know they are making some big improvements to the property in light of their hosting the BN/N CH this fall for Area V.

I would go back, but only because I qualified for championships... feel free to PM me, I'm happy to give you a longer summary!!

All in all though, I had fun. It was my first Novice, and some of the fences were BIG but the questions were ok - my horse had a BLAST on that course... he ate it up! The footing is so-so... but so are a lot of places in Texas!!!!

Jan. 21, 2010, 03:54 PM
It's a toss up.
Some people (those who don't worry about footing) say its fine. Others say that there are parts where your horse sounds like it is galloping on concrete and there are not many sound horses to be found the 2nd day before SJ.

Also, 99% of people I have talked to say that the courses are really easy--yet there are always huge issues XC!
go figure.

You can also go to photoreflect.com
look up Jim Stoner
and find the pics from the HT.

It sounds really fun! I love Audrey and Ana.
Unfortunately it never seems to fit into my schedule. --and I'm very very cautious with footing.

There are a few threads on the board concerning CDS. Just do a search. ; )

Jan. 21, 2010, 07:12 PM
Definitely look up the discussion from mid November after the last HT.

I, too, hated the footing. Rock hard.

As far as XC being easy, there were no difficult questions at BN or N, but the jumps seemed to be maxed out. The water was a freaky color, too, so my mare had her first water stop. BN had a LOT of stops at fence 1 because the start box is right by the warmup. I know HH has this too, but nearly every other horse was having a problem at CDS. Lots of horses freaked out by the landscape too, and poorly positioned jump judges. Basically, those horses that were young and inexperienced had more trouble than I would have expected on a course that's labeled "easy."

The stabling is so-so... close to the action, but flimsy stall dividers. Hopefully they've added more wash racks. The one, really soupy one was a pain.

It also took me three weeks for my lips to recover form the wind burn. :)

I actually enjoyed the experience (loved the SJ course), but probably won't go back. Such a long drive from east TX, and no good places to stay nearby.

ETA: as far as warm-up areas, I warmed up as little as possible because the ground was so hard. For dressage, they did have one small area that was softer footing to practice a test, but I found it impossible to access- one horse hogged it for nearly an hour, riding her test over and over and over without ever halting... poor manners... if you go in there, try to share! The big warm-up area seemed to have had trees removed from it not long before the last show, so there were some bad dips where my horse tripped every time. That should be better by now.