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Jan. 10, 2010, 01:21 AM
Please don't linch me for another one of these threads....:winkgrin:

There is a last minute opportunity for all of those exhibitors who competed at the Ashley Meadows Farm horse shows this year and were Year End Champions in the PCHA. I have volunteered to collect photos to send into the COTH.

I need to have these HARD COPY photos in my hands by WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13th to meet the deadline.

I have been able to reach most of the Champions or their trainers by phone, but am still missing the contact info for a few people.

Hoof Print Images Photography, the photographer for Ashley Meadows Farm shows, has agreed to help us out by reloading requested show dates back on their website for you to shop for photos. Please call them directly and they will be happy to expedite your order and get it to me to meet the deadline.
Their site is www.hoofprintimages.com.

Please read over the list below of missing photos. If you or someone you know (friend, client or barnmate), please urge them to contact me immediately. We would love to have All of the Champions be featured in the COTH....


1. Academy Walk/Trot- Kelly Kirkpatrick
2. Low Hunter- Lisa Lee
3. Pre-Children's Horse- Lindsay Deacon
4. Adult Amateur Hunter- Patti Lechmanik
5. Amateur Owner Hunter- Joelle Kennedy
6. Baby Green Hunter- M. Kelly/ Alicia Lynam
7. Children's Horse- Jennifer Schwartz
8. Pleasure Mount- Krista Beardsley
9. Pony Hunter- Jessica Kyzer
10. Open hunter- Virginia McNeil
11. Pre-Adult Hunter- Marianne Yudes
12. Pre-Green Hunter- Beverly Rohrbaugh/ Jill Shull
13. Short Stirrup Equitation- Alexis DiPasqua
14. Children's/ Adult Jumper- Priscilla Godsoe
16. Junior Hunter- Maria Trongo
17. Leadline- Robert Elwell
18. Pony Jumper- Ashley Bent

Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions...


Emily Anne Belin
610 996-4367
email: magichillfarm@aol.com

Jan. 13, 2010, 11:56 AM