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Jan. 7, 2010, 10:45 PM
Hi, my name is Leslie and I just joined the forum. I've been involved with horses my whole life. I live in British Columbia and own a very successful outerwear business. But, at the request of my daughter Laurie, who is an equine therapist, I designed a new product about a year ago. It's been so successful that we are going to eventually mass produce, but I would really like some thoughtful input from any serious riders who would care to participate.
The product is a Saddle Skirt. Its meant to be worn by the rider, around the waist, and is intended to keep the riders legs and the saddle dry. It doesn't attach to the horse, you can get on and off with the saddle skirt still around your waist, but I wouldn't call it a fashion item at that point. It closes above the saddle horn area, with velcro. It attaches to the riders legs with elastic (intended to keep it from flying up in the wind), and has reflective tape for safety on the outside of the skirt.
We are using a really high-tech wind and water repellent, stretch fabric called Polartec Powershield. Actually, its a fabric that we mostly use in Jackets and pants. It may be overkill in the saddle skirt but we'll figure that out once we source fabric for final production. Right now, we are playing around with some lighter (summer) and heavier versions for cold areas. They actually replace winter chaps. Where I live, it's not terribly cold in the winter, but it rains a lot.
You may want to look at pictures (I haven't figured out how to put them in a post yet)
on the website.
Do you feel the elastic that secures the skirt to the riders legs is necessary? We currently have 2 styles, one for English and the other Western. I'm thinking one would be fine, because this is about function more than design. Do you agree? What about weight/warmth. Whats important? Do you like the overall size, and where it ends on the horses back?

Please know that I take input very seriously. I designed a jacket for dog trainers last year and canvassed many agility groups before I chose the best features for the final version. I really do care about this stuff.

If you can think of anything else, please feel free to comment.
ps when you look at the website, you have to click on the part that says Dog and Equine at the bottom of the page...otherwise you'll be looking through a whole lot of other products that aren't horse related!

Thanks! It's nice to be a member of this site, I can see lots of forums I'd like to participate in.

Jan. 9, 2010, 04:40 PM
The only thing I would be concerned about is if the velcro would release during an emergency dismount or while being in the process of being bucked off the horse. Have you tested it for easy release?

In the past I have had the experience of my jacket/shirt getting caught over the saddle horn while attempting to get a "handle" on my horse during exciting situations. One time I was actually out of the saddle dangling with my jacket caught on the horn. I use a hornless saddle now, this being one of the reasons why. Just something to consider.

I like the design of the product. I have a friend who made something similar with polar fleece for riding in the winter months here in Alaska. It did not allow for attachment around the horn of the saddle though, just the waist.

Diamond Jake
Jan. 10, 2010, 10:52 AM
I have seen this product before. Already on the market for over $100.


How does yours differ?